What is auto top-up

Ryan Power

28 Nov 2022

What is auto top-up?

Auto top-up works by scheduling a chosen top-up amount to be delivered every 7, 14, 28 or 30 days.

This ensures that the person receiving the mobile top-up always has credit available so they can use their phone uninterrupted for internet, calls and SMS.

With Ding, you can set up auto top-ups for prepaid numbers across 150 countries and for more than 600 mobile networks.

Tip: Tap the link for more info on how to send mobile top-up to someone else with Ding

How to schedule an auto top-up?

1. Select an amount of top-up to send

2. On the next screen, select the schedule for your auto top-up

3. Send the top-up and your auto top-up is activated

Why setup auto top-ups?

It’s convenient ✔

Once set up, you no longer need to remember to send loved ones their top-ups. This is especially useful if you send it to multiple people.

Get the most value 🚀

The person receiving the top-up will never run out of balance so they continue to get the most from their prepaid offer.

It’s free to use 💸

There is no cost to set up auto top-ups and you can cancel at any time. Once the auto top-up is sent, your default payment method will be billed the top-up amount.

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What is auto top-up