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99% of mobile recharges sent online with Ding arrive in 3 seconds.

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from Dallas to San Salvador

“I worry about scammers when shopping online but with Ding I feel completely safe. The transaction is lightning fast, you'll receive the top-up in less than a minute - I'm not exaggerating! The service is just great!”

Joseph - feels secure when buying top-up with Ding

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“It’s an absolutely incredible service where we can top up our families and friends’ mobile phones, when they live in remote parts of the world.”

Muhannad - sends top-up to friends & family back home.

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"Ding makes it so easy and convenient for me to send mobile recharge to my relatives in Cuba. It's easy to set-up a credit card payment and recharging is done almost immediately."

Tania - finds it easy to recharge her family in Cuba.

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"My mother is in Mexico and I recharge her number every month. I can rely on Ding to make sure the credit is received, so she doesn't need to go the store to refill her balance."

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María - Finds it easy to recharge her mother's number.

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"I've been using Ding for several years now. It's an awesome service and it's great that I can provide some relief by sending top-up to my friends and family. I'll honestly recommend it to everyone I know."

Sofia - has been using Ding for years to top-up her friends and family.

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"I need to stay in touch with my two boys. Ding is an easy and instant way to top-up their phones, so I don't need to go out to buy vouchers anymore. I'm so happy with the service. Please never change!"

Isabella - uses Ding to stay in touch with her children.

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Supported payment methods

Trusted by over 1 million people globally

Whether you call it top-up, mobile recharge, reload, airtime, load or credit, we've got you covered. We've delivered over 500 million international mobile recharges online since 2006.

Have a question about sending mobile recharge with Ding?

What is Ding?

Ding is the world's leading international mobile top-up platform.

With Ding, you can buy mobile top-ups for your own phone or send a prepaid mobile recharge online to someone else. You can send a top-up online whether it's in app or online, and you can do it at any time or on any device that suits you.

What is an international top-up?

An international mobile top-up or mobile recharge is the process of adding balance to a prepaid phone that has run out of credit. When the balance reaches the phone, it will be available to make calls, send messages or surf the internet.

Mobile top-ups have different meanings in different countries. You may know it as mobile top-up, airtime recharge, mobile load, balance, refill, minutes, or credit. 

No matter what you call it, with Ding you can send international recharge online, and it will be received in under 3 seconds.

Can I send mobile recharges from abroad?

Yes, Ding is an international top-up service so you can send mobile top-up from the USA, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, or any other country in the world.

How to send a top-up online

With Ding, you can buy airtime online for any mobile network. It can be done in three quick steps, at any time or on any device that suits you.

  1. Select the country and enter the prepaid number to recharge (the country code will be already preselected)

  2. Select an amount of credit or plan to send

  3. Choose your payment method. Once purchased, the mobile recharge is received in 3 seconds!

Can I also send data?

Yes, you can recharge data to any mobile number with Ding. Depending on the mobile network of the person receiving the internet, there are two options.

  • You can send them a bundle (plan) that includes an MB or GB allowance.

  • If there are no data plans available, you can send them a regular mobile recharge and once it's received they can use the credit to purchase data.

What are the most popular countries that our users recharge?

We recharge mobile numbers globally, across 150+ countries. Popular countries include:

What are the most popular mobile operators?

Currently you can send top-up to over 700 operator networks globally. Popular choices include:

Can I pay for a mobile recharge with my credit card?

Yes, we support all major payment methods when you buy airtime online, including credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

How can I get exclusive Ding promotions?

Operator promotional offers and codes are sent by our marketing team. These can be sent via email, SMS, or displayed on our website and app.

You must manually opt-in to be able to receive notifications from us to get promotional codes. To change which notifications you receive from us follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Ding Account

  2. Select "My Account"

  3. Click "Settings"

  4. Scroll down to Contact preferences

  5. Click to choose which types of notifications you wish to receive.

Can I also buy gift cards online with Ding?

Yes, you can. With Ding, you can make your loved ones smile by sending them a gift card. It's very easy to get one, just select the card and amount you want, enter your payment method, and done. The code will arrive instantly.

Take a look at the most popular international gift cards sent by our Ding customers!