What is a mobile top-up

Ryan Power

2 Dec 2022

What is a Mobile Top-Up?

A mobile top-up is the process of adding recharge or a credit balance to a prepaid phone that has out of credit.

For every prepaid phone, you need credit to access the telecom provider’s network. With Ding, you can buy mobile top-ups for your own phone or send mobile top-ups to someone else.

When sending a mobile top-up to a friend or family member, they can use the credit to make calls, access the internet, and send text messages, depending on the subscription they have with their telecom provider.

All you need to know is their mobile number and the country of the person you are sending to.

Mobile Top-Up Meaning

Mobile top-ups have different meanings in different countries. You may know it as mobile recharge, airtime, mobile top-up, mobile load, balance, refill, minutes, or credit. 

No matter what you call it, with Ding you can send mobile top-ups, and 99% of the time it will be received in under 3 seconds.

What does a friend need to do to receive a mobile top-up?

People who are receiving mobile top-ups from you don’t need to do anything.

They don’t need to download the Ding app or even need an internet connection to receive the top-up.

We have a connection with their carrier so when you send them a mobile top-up, the balance is added to their number as if they have purchased it themselves. Pretty neat right?

What countries can I send top-up to with Ding?

Currently you can send top-up to over 150 countries globally. Popular choices include:

You can select from the full list of countries and networks from our countries page here.

Are you ready to send top-up now? I'm in, click the link to get started.

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What is a mobile top-up