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Cuban top-up.

Nauta top-up is now available for Cuba.
Please select the product you would like to top-up.

Cuban top-up.

Nauta top-up is now available for Cuba.
Please select the product you would like to top-up.

Current Promotions for Cuba
We update promotions frequently to get you the best value on your top-up to Cuba

Recharge 30CUC get 80 CUC

Recharge 30CUC get 80 CUC

  • Cubacel Data Launch Special
  • Cubacel Data Launch Special
  • Minimum top-up of 20 CUC

Bonus Included

terms apply


Promotion type: 30 or 50 CUC bonus
Operator: Cubacel Cuba
Date: Valid until: 12/15/2018
Minimum amount: 20 CUC
Bonus validity: 30 CUC bonus expires the 29th December 2018. 50 CUC bonus expires the 6th January 2019.


  • 30CUC bonus applies for top ups from 20 CUC - 29.99CUC. This bonus will expire on the 29th December 2018.
  • 50CUC bonus applies for top ups from 30 CUC - 50CUC and will expire on the 6th January 2019.
  • Bonus can be used only for national and international calls and SMS (including SMS entumóvil). Bonus cannot be used for data plans, internet usage, Nauta email from mobile and MMS, in these cases it will be deducted from the main balance.
  • Bonus cannot be transferred to other Cubacel customers, only the main balance can be transferred.
  • Maximum balance and bonus customer can have is 3,000 CUC and 5,000 CUC respectively. When the limit is reached, customer cannot receive more recharges.
  • Main balance’s query can be done through *222# and bonus balance query at *222*266# at no cost for a Cubacel customer.
  • Bonus is not displayed in the ticket given to customers that buy the recharge at physical stores; but bonus is accredited to Cubacel customers.
  • This promotion is carried out by Cubacel.
  • Bonus is deducted first, then plans/Nauta wallet and then the main balance.

Why use Ding to Top-up Cubacel

We are the worlds largest top-up platform, we deliver on more than just value.

Simplicity Delivered
Just tell us the number and the amount you would like to send and we will look after everything else
Reliability Delivered
We are directly connected to Etecsa so you can rely on us to deliver your top-up to Cuba safely.
Speed Delivered
Because we’re connected directly, your order will be delivered in as little as 3 seconds.

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Our Cuban Products

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Ready to Send a top-up?

Here at Ding we know that being separated from your loved ones back in Cuba can be a challenge and we want you to feel closer to them with the gift of recharge.That's why we work hard to make it easy for you to send top-up back to all Cubacel phones in Cuba. You can quickly and securely recharge a Cubacel mobile from outside of Cuba, no matter where in the world you are, letting you stay in touch with family and friends. So go ahead, let's recharge someone's phone and brighten up their day.

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