Mobile takes over: More people use phones over desktops to access the web

Mobile takes over: More people use phones over desktops to access the web

For the first time in our long history, people around the world are using their mobile phones more than the traditional desktop computer to access the internet.

While smartphones have seen rapid growth and development in the past decade, many users still turned to their trusted desktop to browse the web and make purchases online.

However in October 2016, mobile became the main way people accessed the web for the very first time according to StatCounter, a global stats database.

The statistics site has said that it is only in the past 7 years that the total amount of people accessing the web from their device over a desktop went from almost zero to just over half of all people using the internet.

A leading reason for this shift seems to be the reliance on mobile seen in emerging markets. Many people in these countries around the world cannot afford the luxury of a smartphone, laptop and desktop computer.

As smartphones offer everything in one convenient device, many people from emerging markets rely on their phones not only for making calls and texts but as their primary source of internet access.

These statistics highlight the importance for companies to make sure that their website is 100% mobile friendly in 2016 and where possible, develop mobile apps for increased convenience.

Here at Ding, we listen to our customers and we understand the importance of mobile phones to many people around the world. In order to make connections as simple as possible we have made sure that keeping these devices topped up is fast and convenient no matter the medium used to purchase it.

Our website continues to be a favorite among our users (which is accessible both on a computer and on mobile), but our handy app is revolutionizing the way customers can send top-up in a few quick clicks.

As the tide turns in favor of mobile internet use, we’re dedicated to making sure that not only can you easily send top-up but we’re also making sure that that top-up goes a long way to keep your phone, data, calls and texts connected all the time.

Considering that in the USA 58% of users still use a desktop to get online, a growing 42% rely solely on mobile for web access making clear the power of mobile in 2016.

To try out our service or download our app for Ios and Android today. 

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