Everything about the new Cubacel Plans!

Andrea Santiago Orgaz

27 Aug 2021

Everything you need to know about the new Cubacel plans!

Now when you send a Cubacel recharge, the recipient in Cuba can get the new plans, with more MB for the same price, also minutes, and SMS!

Since the 19th of July, when you send recharges to Cuba, for the same price, the new plans include: more MB for all networks, more MB for the LTE network, SMS and minutes for national traffic, and a 300 MB bonus for national navigation.

How can I send the new Cubacel plans?

The new Cubacel plans are available from the 19th of July! With Ding, you can send them from US, Spain, or anywhere in the world, simply by sending a Cubacel recharge as usual. Once the recipient has received their Cubacel recharge, they only need to get their preferred plan with their main balance by dialing *133# option 5.

The LTE plan is also renewed, going from 14 GB to 16 GB, and reducing the price to 950 CUP! Users in Cuba can get it by dialing *133# option 4 -LTE packages.

Can I purchase the plans with the Cubacel promotion Bono?

No, the plans must be purchased with Cubacel principal balance.

How can I check the new plans balance in Cuba?

*222# full balance view: Main account balance, MB, MIN, SMS, and line validity.

To check the validity of the services, dial *222*DAT# (*222*328 #), *222*SMS# (*222*767#), *222*VOICE# (*222*869#)

Navigation Bono: *222*BON# (*222*266#) or through Transfermóvil in Menú de Servicios / Operaciones / Consultar el Estado de Bono.

How long do the new plans last?

The person in Cuba will be able to enjoy the plans for 30 days from the time they use any of the 3 services. When buying a combined plan, the accumulated balance applied previously that is still valid will be added to the corresponding plan balance, and their total will have the new validity.

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions, you can contact our customer care team that is available 24/7 or contact ETECSA, who is in charge of Cubacel.

Dial 118 from your Cubacel phone

Call 0053 1526 422 66 from abroad

Via email ([email protected])

Through Facebook (

The Ding platform allows you to send top-up from the comfort of your home and never has it been a more important time to stay connected with those in Cuba.

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Everything about the new Cubacel Plans!