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Getting online in Cuba: How to use Nauta

Getting online in Cuba: How to use Nauta

Whether you are a resident of Cuba, are travelling there for the first time or have a loved one on the island, it is imperative to know how you can get connected.

While the internet in Cuba may be limited, internet access is possible in airports, hotels and at designated Nauta Wi-Fi hotspots located throughout the island.

With over 200 hotspots now in the country, for the first time in its long history the internet is no longer a distant reality for those living in Cuba.

First things first

If you intend to use the internet regularly, it is important to set up a Nauta permanent access account.

These accounts can be set up at any ETECSA shop and all you need to create one is your ID and 2 CUC.

Permanent account holders are given a Nauta ID (this comes in the form of and a password that they will use every time they access the internet in Cuba. These accounts can be recharged on the users’ personal portal or at ETECSA sales points.

However, the best part about Nauta permanent accounts is that they can also be recharged from abroad.

Getting recharged

People from all over the world can send a minimum of 10 CUC or a maximum of 50 CUC to Nauta permanent accounts in Cuba with Ding.

To recharge a Nauta account simply head to the recharge Nauta page, enter the Nauta ID you want to recharge and select the amount you would like to send.

Nauta internet costs 2 CUC per hour so a 10 CUC recharge will buy the user 5 hours of internet.

Why not make someone’s day and send a Nauta recharge to a loved in Cuba.

How Cubans use Nauta (Infographic)

June 2016 06/2016 How Cubans use Nauta (Infographic)

Cuba expands number of Wifi hotspots to 200

September 2016 09/2016 Cuba expands number of Wifi hotspots to 200

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