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Cuba expands number of Wifi hotspots to 200

Cuba expands number of Wifi hotspots to 200

Cuban accessibility to a WiFi services is becoming easier each month as a steady flow of hotspots continue to become available across the country.

As seen on the ETECSA website, the number of hotspots now available for Cuban internet users has increased to 200, 28 of which are located in the country’s capital of Havana.

These Wifi hotspots allow users in Cuba invaluable access to the internet including social media and instant messaging apps.

Demand for internet services

The expansion is not surprising considering the overwhelming demand for internet services in the Caribbean nation.

Though regular access to the internet remains a luxury for many people living in Cuba, many will travel over 5 kilometres on a regular basis to access a hotspot.

Users can still access the internet in these designated hotspots by using a Nauta permanent access account.

Director of Communication at ETECSA outlets has reportedly stated that an average of 250,000 connections are being recorded on a daily basis at the various WiFi points on the island since they were first introduced.

Recharge a Nauta account

And thanks to Ding.com, users from all over the world can recharge friends, family and colleagues in Cuba by topping up these accounts from overseas.

To recharge a Nauta account simply:

1. Log-in or create a Ding account here.

2. Enter the email address of the Nauta user you wish to recharge.

3. Enter the amount you would like to send.

4. Send recharge.

Make someone’s day in Cuba and send a Nauta recharge to a loved one.

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