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How Cubans use Nauta (Infographic)

How Cubans use Nauta (Infographic)

Residents in Cuba are now enjoying access to the internet through Wifi hotspots provided by the government-run service, Nauta.

These hotspots, which can be found in each province in Cuba, are allowing Cuban residents to get online through permanent access accounts.

And according to a recent survey, 70% of internet users in Cuba are using these hotspots on a weekly basis with a further 39% using the service every single day.

51% of respondents admitted that they did not have access to the internet at all prior to the introduction of the hotspots by the Cuban government in 2015.

Furthermore, 54% are willing to travel up to 5km to their nearest hotspot with a further 32% travelling even further for internet access on a regular basis.

Cubans are using these new services to contact loved ones outside of Cuba with 81% of those surveyed admitting to communicating with friends and family abroad.

Many internet users have also cited social media as an incentive to using the internet regularly. A whopping 95% of respondents are active on Facebook with Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp also proving popular.

As expected, 61% of the Cuban internet users say that they have been much more active online since the introduction of Nauta and 72% have admitted to using their phones more also.

Cubans are using the internet to connect with friends and family so it is not surprising that 62% of those surveyed are receiving recharge from abroad and in many cases, using Ding.

Ding allows you to send fast and reliable recharge to any Nauta permanent access account in Cuba. Simply visit our Nauta page and send the gift of recharge today.

Check out our nifty infographic below! 

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