How to recharge a Philippines mobile online from India!

Andrea Santiago Orgaz

18 Feb 2022

Philippine woman smiling
Philippine woman smiling

Sending mobile recharge from India to Philippines is a quick and easy way to support those close to you, whether it's a loved one or a family member.

With Ding you can recharge a Philippines mobile online from India in less than a minute. It's safe, fast and easy, just read through the steps on how to do it below!

How to recharge a Philippines number from India?

1. Enter the number to load

We have preselected the country code +63 already, so you just need to remove the '0' from the local number.

For example if the number you want to reload is 0912 123 9999 it should look like +63 912 123 9999.

2. Select the network they are on

The most popular networks in the Philippines that customers send to are: Globe load, Smart load, TNT load or TM load.

3. Select an amount of load to send

For each network, you have have a range of load amounts to choose from. You can send as little as 50 pesos or as much as 1000 pesos of network credit. This can be used to purchase data, calls and text.

You can also send promo plans which come bundled with data, calls and text already.

4. Choose a payment method, click pay now and the load is received instantly!

We accept all major payment methods, so you can buy load using PayPal, debit card, credit card, Amex, AliPay and more.

99% of reloads sent to the Philippines are received in under 60 seconds, so you can get back chatting straight away. Once received the load can be used for calls, text or data, or shared around using the pasaload service.

Why use Ding to send load to the Philippines from India?

We are safe! 🔒

300,000 people every month send load around the world with us. We take care of every detail to make your payment secure and easy. We've received over 11,000 5-star Trustpilot reviews which you can take a read through here.

We are fast 🚀

Our aim is to provide the fastest top-up services to all customers. 99% of mobile reloads sent by our customers are received in less than 60 seconds.

We have no fees! 💸

We don't charge any processing fees when you recharge a Philippines mobile from India. Zero. So before purchasing, you will see the processing fee is FREE.

24/7 customer service 💻

We also do our best in the Customer Care Team and are happy to help you 24/7 on our live chat. Simply click the 'Help' button in the bottom right of your screen, or you can always visit our Support Centre where we may have an answer for your question already.

We're easy ✔

It only takes a couple of taps to reload, whether it's in app or online, and you can do it at any time or on any device that suits you.

Ready to recharge a Philippines mobile number from India? Just click the link below to get started!

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How to recharge a Philippines mobile online from India!