No Fees on Top-Ups to Morocco in Wake of Marrakesh Earthquake

Sarah Fitzpatrick

9 Sep 2023

On Friday 8th September, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit south of Marrakech, Morocco. This was Morocco’s deadliest earthquake in more than six decades. It struck mountainous villages 50 miles south of Marrakech. Although the quake was so powerful it shook buildings on Morocco’s Northern coast.

The impact of this earthquake has been devastating for the people of Morocco. The death toll is now nearing 3,000 while villages in the Atlas Mountains are now destroyed. Experts have claimed that there’s been around 25 aftershocks since Friday. They have also warned that aftershocks could continue for weeks or months. According to the Red Cross, it will take several years to repair the damage caused by this earthquake.

How can you help people in Morocco?

Thousands have been affected by Friday’s 6.8 magnitude earthquake. The death toll has almost hit 3,000 while thousands of people have also suffered serious injuries. The earthquake has destroyed villages including many homes. This has left many families displaced. People have even been sleeping in the streets while many are without clean water, food and medical supplies. Below are some charities you can donate to help the people of Morocco.


Donations to UNICEF will help them in providing emergency help for children and families who have been displaced by the quake. As well as shelter, UNICEF are providing clean water and medical supplies on the ground.

The Intrepid Foundation

Choosing to donate to The Intrepid Foundation will help them provide  food, shelter, clean water and medical assistance in Morocco. Donations up to AUD 100,000 will also be matched by the foundation to support those affected by the disaster.


Care have set up a Morocco Earthquake Emergency Fund. Their aim is to help women, girls and children gain access to food, shelter, water and medical supplies. 

Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Borders provides medical assistance for countries affected by disasters. They have sent teams to Morocco to provide medical support to the people and support the Moroccan authorities.

How Ding are trying to help

Here at Ding, we understand how important it is to stay connected to loved ones during difficult times. For those looking to stay in touch with family and friends in Morocco, we have removed processing fees on all mobile recharges sent to Morocco. 

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No Fees on Top-Ups to Morocco in Wake of Marrakesh Earthquake