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Send Maroc Telecom (IAM) recharge to Morocco in 3 seconds and join millions of people who use Ding to connect with friends and family.

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Sending Maroc Telecom recharge to Morocco has never been easier

Stay close to your loved ones in Morocco by sending them the gift of Maroc Telecom recharge, delivered in 3 seconds. You can send little smiles in three easy steps.

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Have a question about your Maroc Telecom recharge?

How do I send IAM recharge to Morocco?

With Ding, you can instantly recharge Maroc Telecom (IAM) numbers from France, Belgium, Spain, or anywhere in the world. Of course, if you are located in Morocco you can recharge local numbers with us. Once you have a Ding account created you can recharge in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select an amount to send

  2. Enter the number to recharge

  3. Choose your payment method of choice. Once purchased, the recharge is sent instantly.

Can I recharge a Maroc Telecom number with my credit card?

Yes, we support all major payment methods when sending IAM recharge to Morocco, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

Can I send IAM internet recharge with Ding?

  • IAM internet bundles are called 'Jawal Internet Pass' and you can recharge them with us! We offer Jawal internet recharge from 500MB to 10GB bundles.

  • When selecting an amount to send, you can switch between 'Phone top-up' and 'Plans'. Under plans, select the amount of IAM internet recharge to send and away you go.

How do I check my Maroc Telecom balance?

Dial #580#

How to contact Maroc Telecom?

  • Dial 888 from your Maroc Telecom mobile.

  • Dial 0801 000 888 from another device or if you are not a Maroc Telecom customer.