What are the most popular social media networks in Mexico?

Andrea Santiago Orgaz

29 Jul 2022

Did you know that 81 million people access social media every day in Mexico? Curious to know which platforms are the most popular?

Following global trends, the use of social media in Mexico is increasing each year. According to Statista the number of Mexicans scrolling online is expected to reach 95 million in 2023!

Social media use in Mexico compared to the world

According to a study conducted by We Are Social & Hootsuite, Mexicans rank 17th globally in the number of people who use social media in 2022.

To be expected, 30% of the people who use them are people between 25 and 34 years old, and only 4% of the population over 65 uses them.

What are the most popular Social Networks in Mexico?

A recent survey asked Mexicans what social media platforms they used daily. The top platforms used were:

  1. WhatsApp 94.3% of users

  2. Facebook: 93.4%

  3. Facebook Messenger 80.5%

  4. Instagram 79.1%

  5. Tik Tok 70.94%

  6. Twitter 56%

  7. Pinterest 46%

  8. Telegram 39.9%

  9. Snapchat 29.8%

  10. Linkedin 12.6%

Why is social media so popular in Mexico?

One of the reasons points to the fact that the Mexican diaspora has a strong sense of attachment to family and community.

So regardless of whether they live within Mexico or in another country, they interact daily with their families and friends online.

But social networks are not only used to stay connected with their loved ones, the new generations in Mexico use them to learn new stories, make purchases, follow their favorite influencers, or even be just entertained.

How to get unlimited social network access in Mexico?

The good news is that all operators in Mexico have social media offers that come with their prepaid plans.

But if we had to pick one, Telcel has the best offer available. You can read more about the benefits of Telcel's Sin Límite recharge bundles.

How to get these social network unlimited plans?

If you purchase an Amigo Sin Límite plan it includes unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram in Mexico.

However, you can also purchase a regular Telcel recharge for Mexico, and for any recharge amount greater than 100 MXN you will get a bonus 1GB access for social media.

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What are the most popular social media networks in Mexico?