How Easter is Celebrated in Mexico

Dee Lara O'Neal

6 Apr 2023

Boy with confetti on his head
Boy with confetti on his head

As Easter celebrations kick off around the globe, we’ve taken a closer look at how it’s celebrated in Mexico, the home country to millions of our customers. 

For Mexicans, there is no holiday more important than Easter. A time for celebrations, family gatherings and inherited traditions. Beginning in Holy Week (Semana Santa), the week long celebrations cover Palm Sunday, through to Easter Sunday. Here’s a look at how Easter traditions are celebrated during Semana Santa: 

Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday 

As an acknowledgement of Christ’s crucifixion, there are several religious traditions that take place over three days. Beginning on Palm Sunday, people carry palmbranches to be blessed in their local church.  

On Good Friday, a procession takes place to acknowledge the sacrifice made by Christ and on Holy Saturday, Mexicans mark the end of Lent. From here, the Easter festivities and celebrations of Spring begin. 

Families come together to celebrate Easter on Easter Sunday. A popular tradition, Mexican families share colourful eggs filled with confetti that are then broken on each other's heads with a way to secure the Lord’s blessing.  

Traditional Mexican Dishes for Easter Sunday 

And now onto our favourite Easter tradition for those celebrating in Mexico... food.  

Dinners such as bacalao, a salted cod stew, a sopa de habas, and a fava bean soup are central to the Easter Sunday celebrations. The famous mole is also enjoyed, typically through Romeritos, a dish made with a wild plant resembling rosemary. The dish is soaked in chocolate and chiles.  

Known for it’s rich food culture, Easter Sunday in Mexico is no different. An excuse to bring family and friends together, Mexican food offers an opportunity for those celebrating to embrace their culture and enjoy recipes passed on from generation to generation. 

If you can't be there this Easter, continue the traditions by calling your family to share recipes and recreate family meals wherever you may be in the world. Sometimes just the scent of a familiar dish can bring home, that little closer. 

Which traditions and recipes will you share with your loved ones this Easter?

Easter is a time for coming together. We’re here to help you stay connected to your loved ones in Mexico and you can send them an instant top-up today by clicking the link below. Un poquito, hace mucho. 

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How Easter is Celebrated in Mexico