Haitian Flag Day- Meet Kako, a valued member of our #DingCommunity

Paddy Kirwan

18 May 2023

Thursday, the 18th of May is Haitian Flag Day. To celebrate, we caught up with a good friend of ours, to learn a little bit more about Haitian Flag Day, and what the day means to Haitians.

In 2009, comedian Jacques Bourjolly Jr., also known as Kako founded his foundation, Kako’s Kids, to help children build a better future through sports and educational activities.

“The priority is education, and I use sports as a way to keep the kids’ attention and promote among them an awareness of the benefits of a good education” said Kako.

Through our Access for Good initiative, we partnered with Kako back in 2020, to help Kako with funding education programmes, paying staff wages, hygiene supplies, sponsorship and more. From there, we’ve been close friends of all at Kako’s Kids. We caught up with Jacques himself this week, to learn a little bit more about Haitian flag day, and what it means to Haitians around the world.

“So Kako, tell us about Haitian flag day”

“Well, for any Haitian, flag day is a proud one. It’s one of the biggest holidays in Haiti, and for Haitians around the world. Today, we’re celebrating our rich history, our culture. We’re not only celebrating our flag, but what it stands for, who it stands for. Flag day is amazing.”

“A proud day for Haitians around the world. How will Haitians like yourself celebrate?”

“Well, there are all sorts of Flag Day celebrations and events around the world. I will be in Miami, for the Haitian Compas Festival. It’s a huge event. The festival will have vendors with Haitian foods, Haitian dancing, and some big DJs and artists from Haiti. It’s always a great event, it’s one of the largest Caribbean events in the US. And it’s all about Haitian pride.”

 “Then with the flag too. People will have their Haitian colours on. Blue and red, everywhere. The rich history, it’s everywhere on the day. People are representing Haiti, and all that those Haitians went through, before our time. In Miami, some police cars are wrapped with the Haitian flag. We go all out with the flag during this period!”

 “Sounds amazing, Kako. So, you’re a proud Haitian?”

“Oh yes. I like to think of myself as an ambassador for Haiti. It’s something I’m always trying to pass on to the next generation, especially those who might have been born in the US and haven’t been to Haiti. It’s vital that us Haitians don’t forget the story of Haiti. And that’s what flag day does, it allows us to look back on the struggle our ancestors had, and how far we’ve come. I always remind people, we’re a very young nation in comparison to others.”

"A Haitian ambassador, that you are, Kako. Do you think a service like Ding can help Haitians who have moved abroad?"

“For sure. I use it myself. Many people have left Haiti for the United States and other countries around the world. Every Haitian who has left has ties back home. Whether it’s Mom, Dad, a brother, or a sister. Sometimes, Haitians move abroad, and their partner stays at home. In those cases, Ding can be super useful, it keeps us connected to those people that we love the most."

"I’d like to mention Enda McNulty, a good friend of ours at Kako’s Kids, it was thanks to him that we’ve become friends with all at Ding! Enda and I have set ourselves a goal, to empower and touch the lives of 1 million kids, over the next 2 years”

Kako, it’s safe to say you’re not just an ambassador for Haiti, but for education, sport, and so much more. A little really does go a long way, and your efforts and how they help inspire the next generation, is proof.

To Kako, all at Kako’s Kids, and all Haitians around the world, whether you’re in Miami, Indiana, Montreal, or somewhere else, we’re wishing you a happy Haitian Flag Day.

To read more about Kako’s kids and the work that Kako and his team do to not only inspire, but set up the next generation for success, read here.

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Haitian Flag Day- Meet Kako, a valued member of our #DingCommunity