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Ding's Access for Good - Kako's Kids

Jack McLoughlin

12 Jun 2020

Our Access for Good initiative goes beyond mobile top-up and allows us to give back to our customer's communities.


Under the initiative, Ding donates one cent from every online top-up sent on the web and our app to a chosen charity each quarter. In light of Covid-19, now is as important as ever to help those less fortunate and this quarter we shine a light on Kako's Kids in Haiti


Kako's Kids - putting kids first


Founded in 2009 in Haiti, comedian Jacques Bourjolly, Jr., who is also as known as Kako, established a foundation to help children build a better future through sports and educational activities.

“The priority is education, and I use sports as a way to keep the kids’ attention and promote among them an awareness of the benefits of a good education,” says Kako.

To date, he has renovated and established eight sporting facilities with the goal of establishing 23 in total.

“It’s a good way of catching the kids early in order to help to steer them to become good citizens. We try to get them off the streets and give them a role model to look up to,” he says. “Often they are in close proximity to violence, but once they’re on a fielding playing, they have a coach, they are part of team, and they learn to listen to the other side.”


How Ding will help 


Since the Covid outbreak, activities have been replaced with education programmes for the children on how to safe. 

“With our infrastructure, the way the country is set-up, we’re not ready or equipped for Covid-19,” he says. “We’re trying to get the word out to the kids to be aware of the situation and to take the necessary precautions and actions to keep them safe and well.”

Our donation to Kako's Kids will be distributed to:

  • Run further education programmes for the children

  • Pay wages for an assistant to work with Kako

  • Barrels for street corners so that the communities are able to wash their hands during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Sponsorship of the eighth ‘Teren Jenes la’ sports complex

  • Toupatou’Koup – education programme for individuals to train as barbers as well as make use of the monthly barber service


To follow Kako's story and see how our donation will help, visit Kako's Kids Facebook page.

We partner with some extraordinary charities and together with our users, are empowering communities around the world through our Access for Good initiative. For every top-up you send, we donate 1 cent to a chosen charity. 

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Ding's Access for Good - Kako's Kids