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6 foods from El Salvador everyone should try!


19 Sep 2018

If you are a native of El Salvador who has relocated abroad, we reckon we can guess what you may miss most about your home country.

Apart from family and friends, Salvadorans really miss the food.

But thanks to Ding and operators back home in El Salvador such as Tigo, there is no excuse not to get in touch with the best cook in the family and recreate those amazing dishes wherever you are in the world.

Here are six of the best dishes that we reckon everyone should get a taste of:

1. Pupusas

Every Salvadoran probably has fond memories of eating pupusas growing up as they are a staple dish in El Salvador.

They generally tend to consist of a corn stuffed tortilla filled with beans, cheese or pork. 

Best of all, this scrumptious meal is usually topped with a healthy dollop of tomato salsa and a side of cabbage vinegar slaw. Yum!

2. Platanos con crema y frijoles

This simple dish is basically sticks of sweet potato (also known as plantain) that have been fried or baked.

They are usually served with a side of sour cream and beans and are often eaten at breakfast for many in El Salvador.

3. Pastelitos de pollo

Pastelitos are small patties filled with meat and vegetables and they are fried until they are a golden brown.

They are crispy, succulent and so so tasty. A must-try for any food lover.

4. Empanadas de leche

Empanadas are common as an after-dinner sweet-treat in El Salvador.

Made with plantain which is ground and shaped into little balls, they are often stuffed with vanilla custard.

Sprinkle with a bit of sugar to finish so that there is no way that these bad boys won’t satisfy you.

5. Tamal de pollo

Unlike regular tamales, Salvadoran tamales are wrapped in banana skins.

This means they are even juicier than their counterparts from other nations in Central and South America.

Also including olives, potatoes and a sweet tomato sauce, this recipe is nothing short of mouth-watering.

Even if you are living far from family and friends in El Salvador, Ding is working with your operators such as Tigo El Salvador to ensure that you can keep in touch.

So make sure to pick up the phone and recharge a Tigo phone today. And who knows? If you ask politely you may even get an amazing Salvadoran recipe that is sure to make you feel closer to home.

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6 foods from El Salvador everyone should try!