Ding Without Borders

Ding Without Borders: Meet Asma!

Andrea Santiago

4 May 2021

'Ding Without Borders' is a series where our team share their experiences of life abroad, and how they stay connected with loved ones back home. 

Like many of our users, a number of our team at Ding also know what it's like to move overseas for work, and the challenges and rewards that come with it! 

Meet Asma 👋 Our Partner Support Team Lead here at Ding!  


Where did you grow up and where are you now living? 

I grew up in Hyderabad, India, the city of world-famous Biryani. I was living in Dubai but moved back to India due to current covid situation. 

Why Dubai? 

Dubai is an expat paradise with everything you need for a successful, safe, and fun time abroad, and that is why I chose Dubai. 

What kind of challenges did you experience when you arrived in Dubai?  

Moving aboard has its own challenges, being the youngest in the family I always was pampered, and had all the comfort. When I arrived in Dubai, It was very challenging for me to share a room with 6 people and adapt to a new lifestyle and culture. 


How is your experience working in Ding?  

My journey so far with Ding has been amazing, and the work Ding does to bring the communities together is incredible. I had an awe-inspiring experience working with people from different nationalities and cultures. Diversity and international exposure have always been important to the decisions I have made in my career. 

Ding Event in Dubai Office 2019
Ding Event in Dubai Office 2019

You are currently back in India working from home due to the current situation, but what did you use to miss the most when you were working abroad?  

My family & Food, of course! I am total Desi when it comes to food. I know there are many Indian Restaurants in Dubai but the authenticity and taste we get in India, cannot be matched anywhere in the world. 

How do you keep in contact with your family and friends? 

Whatsapp, BOTIM, Kaizala & Many more! 

Do you see yourself moving back to Dubai? 

Yes, some day when the covid situation gets better.  


What do you love most about working at Ding? 

There are many things that I love working at Ding. One of them would be to have a work life balance, I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. I work full-time on a flexible schedule, both in and out-of-office, and my manager trusts me to produce high-quality work and results. I work hard to maintain that level of trust, which keeps me engaged and excited — but at the same time, I love that my job enables me to love and enjoy my other passions in life. 

The Ding platform allows you to recharge your loved ones mobiles, wherever you are. Send a top-up today and stay connected. 

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Ding Without Borders: Meet Asma!