Informing you about a cyber-security incident


10 Nov 2020

Our valued customers,

On November 3rd, we detected illegal access by hackers to one of our employee email accounts, which gave them access to some of our internal systems. Please be assured that we continue to service all of our customers as normal. We have found no evidence that credit card information or customer passwords were accessed.

We have discovered that information relating to a small number of our customers has been affected. We have contacted directly all customers whose personal information has been impacted and will extend those customers further support as required.

In response to this incident Ding immediately activated its cyber incident response and commenced a forensic investigation, which is ongoing.

Ding has also notified the Irish Data Protection Commission and will implement its recommendations in respect of additional security measures as appropriate.

We have already carried out a series of measures to ensure the incident is contained and are working very hard to limit any further consequences. As our investigation progresses, we will implement further steps to protect our customers’ information.

We highly value our relationship with you, our customers, and partners, and regret any concern this incident may cause.

Should you have any queries please feel free to contact our Data Privacy Team at [email protected].

Informing you about a cyber-security incident