Get the latest Cubacel recharge promotion!

Andrea Santiago

8 Mar 2023

We know how important it is for you to send recharge to Cuba. See the next Cubacel promotion ever below and send a top-up to your loved ones today.


Cubacel promotion: HUGE 3x Main Balance + 40GB + Unlimited Internet Bonus!

Operator: Cubacel Cuba

Description: For each recharge of 500 CUP the Cubacel customer receives 1500 CUP of Main Balance + 40GB + Unlimited Internet (12 to 7am).

Promotion dates: This promotion is available from the 22nd of March at 00:01 (Cuban time) until the 26th of March 2023 at 23:59 (Cuban time).

Minimum amount: 500 CUP

Bonus validity: The Main Balance will expire 330 days after the top-up date, data will expire 30 days after the top-up date and the unlimited Internet will expire on the 31st of March.

How do I know the recharge to Cuba will be received?

We're here to make sure your recharge is delivered successfully and that you get the value and promotion expected, allowing you to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Once you have sent a recharge to Cuba, you can check the status of it by logging in, then navigate to the 'History' tab in 'My Account'.

Here you will see the status marked as 'sent', or 'pending' if you have reserved a promotion recharge during the presale week.

Once a recharge is marked as 'sent', the order has been delivered to Cubacel and will processed within a few minutes.

In Cuba, the receiver can also check that their balance has been topped up. They can check the Main Balance by dialing * 222 # and check the Bonus Balance by dialing * 222 * 266 #.

You can contact our Cuba team via the 'Help' button on our site anytime you need.

How do I send recharge to a Cubacel number?


Our top-up team work hard to ensure Ding web and app users are the first ones to get access to Cubacel promotions. Should you need any help, our support are available 24 hours a day!

So, how exactly does it work?


Choose an amount of CUP to send


The minimum top-up amount the Cubacel promotion applies to is 500 CUP.

To ensure the receiver gets the biggest Cubacel bonus available, we split top-ups of 1000 CUP or more into separate deliveries. This means a bonus is applied for every 500 CUP sent. So if you send 1000 CUP, the recipient will get two Cubacel bonuses! 


Numer 2
Numer 2

Enter the Cuban number to top-up


The recipient could be a friend or family member in Cuba, or your own phone.

Number 3 Ding
Number 3 Ding

Connect with your loved ones


Majority of the top-ups we send are received in moments, and we work closely with ETECSA to ensure on the first promotion day the bonus is received within 24 hours.


The Ding platform allows you to send top-up from the comfort of your home and never has it been a more important time to stay connected with those in Cuba.

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Get the latest Cubacel recharge promotion!