Cuba, and all that it’s #HomeTo

Ryan Power

16 May 2023

Home to 11.2 million people, Cuba is famous worldwide for so many reasons from its beautiful beaches to stunning architecture and the infectious rhythms of Cuban music.

It's also popular worldwide for cigars, rum and coffee but the most iconic picture of Cuba for most people will be the image of vibrant coloured vintage American cars driving down the streets of famous Cuban cities like Havana.

We took a deeper look at what Cuba is famous for and all the things Cubans around the world are proud of.

#HomeTo 3,570 miles of coastline

With more than 3,500 miles of coastline, Cuba is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south. Some of the Caribbean's most attractive beaches may be found along Cuba's coastline. Cuba's beaches are renowned for their gorgeous white sands and azure waters, and they are delightfully quiet and tranquil. A small sample of the many perfect, turquoise-edged strands that ring the island includes Varadero and the Jardines del Rey archipelago. 

#HomeTo 9 of the World's UNESCO Sites

UNESCO sites are cultural or natural sites around the world considered to be of ‘Outstanding Universal Value'. Cuba is famous worldwide for its vibrant culture, stunning cities, heavenly beaches and beautiful parks so there is no surprise that there are currently 9 UNESCO sites in Cuba. The country's picturesque cities, beautiful national parks and the geological wonders of Cuba are among its UNESCO sites. The famous Old Town of Havana, the breathtaking Viales Valley, the remote Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, and the magnificent San Pedro de la Roca Castle are just a few of the places on this list.

#HomeTo the Worldwide Famous Cuban Cigars

Cuban Cigars have long been recognized as among the "finest" cigars in the world. They are an emblem of the island of Cuba's culture and account for over a quarter of the value of all exports from the nation. Each Cuban cigar is produced with great care, attention and is made from high-quality materials to make these cigars stand out from the competition. In fact, it has been calculated that more than 100 stages are necessary to create just one Cuban cigar. 

#HomeTo Delicious Cuban Cocktails

Cuban drinks especially Cuban cocktails are popular worldwide. Cocktails such as the Cuba Libre, the Mojito, and Daiquiris are three of Cuba's most well-liked drinks. The Cuba Libre is even frequently referred to as Cuba's national beverage. Rum, cola and lime are used to make this popular cocktail which is a tasty and cooling beverage making it ideal for the hot Cuban climate. 

Rum, mint, lime, sugar, and sparkling water combine to make the traditional Cuban beverage known as the mojito. It is tasty, energizing, and ideal for every occasion. Another well-liked Cuban drink is the daiquiri. It may be served frozen and is created with rum, lime juice, and sugar while often available in a range of different flavours. 

#Home to Danzón dancing & infectious Cuban Music

The island of Cuba is famous worldwide for its love of music and dancing. Dancing is part of life in Cuba and it is home to many popular forms of dance from the slow danzon or tango to the fast paces of the mambo, cha cha and salsa dancing. Cuba has also been massively influential in the world of music and has a distinctive Cuban sound which offers familiar guitar chords, catchy melodies and percussion sounds as well as infectious rhythms. The world of music has also been gifted talented Cuban musicians and performing artists throughout the years such as Gloria Estefan and Camila Cabello to name a few.

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Cuba, and all that it’s #HomeTo