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A Ding Thanksgiving For All! (Infographic)

Jack McLoughlin

27 Nov 2019

Thanksgiving is eagerly awaited and heartily celebrated across the US every year, so it’s difficult to imagine spending the last Thursday in November without family and friends. But what does Thanksgiving look like from an expat worker’s perspective?


At Ding we wanted to find out what Thanksgiving really means to our customers in the US.

To do this, we surveyed over 250 customers in the US to find out how they plan to celebrate Thanksgiving and whether being non-American born led to any differences in how the day is actually celebrated. 

The good news is regardless of birthplace, 93% of respondents plan to celebrate Thanksgiving this year!

So, what else did we find out?


Home is where the heart is

3 out of 4 customers also told us they will spend this Thanksgiving with their family. 

Our users see holidays like Thanksgiving as the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and family, with 83% saying it's the best part of Thanksgiving.

It goes without saying that despite cultural differences among Americans from different diaspora, the ways in which US holidays are spent are extremely similar. 



Food for thought 

Unlike other holidays - with Thanksgiving - there is no religious or political meaning associated with it or set of customs for celebrants to follow. This means that the celebration has a large focus on spending time with family and friends. How, you might ask, do most cultures celebrate this? Through food of course!

When asked about their favourite part of Thanksgiving, just over 80% of our customers said Thanksgiving Dinner was incorporated into their plans for this year.


Always time for voice and video 

The celebration of Thanksgiving transcends beyond the traditional American border, with almost 40% of users saying they would call friends or family in their home country as part of their Thanksgiving celebration.

Diaspora's of countries like the PhilippinesGhana Guyana that are living in the US are still celebrating Thanksgiving with family & friends back home.. only substituting a catch-up over a roast turkey dinner to a catch up over WhatsApp or FaceTime! 


 See the full findings from our Thanksgiving survey below:

The gift of connection can be enjoyed by all this Thanksgiving. With Ding you can recharge any phone and stay connected with those who matter most.

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A Ding Thanksgiving For All! (Infographic)