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Top-up Ooredoo Tunisia in 3 seconds and join millions of people who use Ding to connect with friends and family.

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Sending Ooredoo top-up has never been easier

We understand that being separated from your loved ones can be difficult and we want you to feel closer to them with the gift of top-up. We work hard to make it easy for you to send top-up to Ooredoo prepaid wireless phones in 3 seconds.

Operators we work with in Tunisia

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Tunisie Telecom Tunisia

Have a question about your Ooredoo top-up?

How to buy Ooredoo top-up online for Tunisian numbers

With Ding, you can buy Ooredoo top-up online, for yourself or for someone else. Once you have a Ding account created you can top-up in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select an amount to send

  2. Enter the number to top-up

  3. Choose your payment method of choice. Once purchased, the Ooredoo top-up is sent instantly.

Can I top-up Ooredoo balance from outside tunisia?

  • With Ding, you can top-up Ooredoo from anywhere in the world. Other popular locations that our customers also top-up from include the USA, UK, and UAE.

  • Of course, if you are located in Tunisia you can top-up a Ooredoo number with us, whether it's your number or someone else's, it doesn't matter!

How do I check my Ooredoo balance?

  • Check balance by *122# and number by *146#.

How to contact Ooredoo?

  • Locate them. Zenith Building, Les Jardins du Lac, Les Berges du Lac, 1053 Tunis. See it on the map.

  • Get in touch. +216 22 120 000