Why You Need to Follow Ding on Social Media

Sarah Fitzpatrick & Ryan Power

10 Aug 2023

Enjoying sending mobile top-up or gift cards with Ding? Why stop there? Get more from your experience with Ding by following us on our social media accounts.

You can find Ding on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube. Once you hit follow, you can expect to find the following and more

  • Ways to get more from your Ding app

  • Tips and tricks to make sure you never miss out on discounts and promotions

  • Real life stories from our #DingCommunity

  • Regular chances to win free top-up, prizes, giveaways and more.

Learn about Ding and how to get the most from your Ding Experience

Be the first to hear about new offerings at products from Ding

It's an exciting time at Ding as we continue to launch new offerings and products to our customers. Recently, we've add a new range of gift cards for a range of different countries around the world in seconds. Follow us on all major social media platforms, so you're first to hear about new products from Ding.

Find Tips & Tricks for the Ding App 

Want to know how to get the most out of the Ding app? Interested in hearing about updates and changes? We've got you. Joining us on social media means you'll never miss a chance to get more out of the Ding app, making your life even easier.

Learn about how we're actively helping those with less, gain access to more

Thanks to our Access for Good programme, for every mobile top-up sent online through Ding, we donate 1c to charities around the world. We've worked with global and local charities, on every continent, to make sure the people in need, get the help they need. Follow us on social to get updates on how we spend these donations from our users. On top of that, you'll find opportunities to input on how and where we spend our charitable donations. Through our Access for Good programme, we aim to provide life-changing help and empower communities around the world. We need your help to make sure we get to do exactly that.

Title Access for Good initiative photo header.
Title Access for Good initiative photo header.

Join the #DingCommunity

We know we're the best mobile top-up app in the world. It's a little biased coming from us though  Hear real-life stories from our customers, as we take regular deep dives into the lives of our customers. It's through our social media platforms that we connect with our customers and learn these stories. Whether you want to share your story, or want to hear about others, tune in today, you won't regret it.

Get Behind the Scenes Access 

We know shopping online means you've got to look for safe and secure businesses to shop from. Join us on socials to get exclusive behind the scenes footage. From footage of our community interaction sesssions, to a look at how we set up for events we run around the world. We love sharing what we're getting up to, and we can't wait to hear what you think.P.S. If this is your cup of tea, TikTok's going to be the first stop for you Follow us on social media to see behind the scenes at Ding HQ and to learn how you can come say "Hey" to us at any upcoming events.

Hear from the Ding Ambassadors, spreading the word

From cricket stars like Mohammad Nabi and Naseem Shah to our every day customers who spread so much love about Ding, we've started paying them for it. A chance to hear from some big names about how Ding helps them in their busy schedules, it's all over on our socials. We're proud of every #DingAmbassador out there, and we're recruiting for more. Join us on socials today to learn more about how you can earn money flying the Ding flag.

Free Stuff

That's right. We've saved the best until last. We've got hundreds of dollars worth of Ding credit going out for free, every week on socials. It's just one of the way we can show love for our amazing community. Whether you like interactives games, quizzes, crosswords, creative competitions, or something else. It's all there- with a chance to win/save money every time.

So what are you waiting for? Click the links below to start following us on your favourite social media platforms and become a valued member of our Ding Community.

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Why You Need to Follow Ding on Social Media