Why Guyana is one of the most unique countries in the world


22 Jan 2020

If you are a native of Guyana who has recently relocated abroad, you may have been surprised by how little people know about this amazing country.

Full of unexpected quirks and fascinating traditions, many will agree that Guyana is an amazing place to grow up.

So it’s no surprise that if you have relocated from this nation, you will undoubtedly want to stay in touch with friends and family who live there.

From Georgetown’s charming tree-lined streets to the stunning, rain-forest that dominates much of the landscape, here are 3 things that make Guyana a truly unique country:

Guyana is in the Caribbean?!

Though geographically located in South America and bordered by Venezuela, Suriname and Brazil, Guyana is identified as a Caribbean country.

Not only does this make it the largest Caribbean country in terms of landmass, it also makes it one of the most diverse.

Guyana adopts much of the culture and tradition of the Caribbean but brings with it its own unique landscape and customs.

While it may not harbor the pristine, sandy beaches of many of its counterparts, what it does offer is much more in terms of dizzying waterfalls, intense wildlife and stunning plains.

People speak English

The national language is of this nation is English with a small number of the population also speaking Creole.

This comes to a surprise to many who assume that every nation in South America speaks Spanish.

But despite neighboring countries speaking Spanish, Guyana has maintained English as it's national language making it a country that really stands out in South America. 

Small numbers

Despite technically having the largest landmass of all the Caribbean countries, Guyana still has one of the smallest populations.

There is only 799,613 Guyanese that mostly live in and around a relatively small strip of land along the coast.

Though it may be small in numbers, Guyana boasts a nation of proud locals who are loyal and steeped in tradition.

So it’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands of people from this amazing country regularly send top up to loved ones using Ding.

That's why we are working with reliable operators in Guyana such as Digicel to make sure you never fall out of sync with this unique and fascinating place.

So keep in touch and send fast, reliable top up to Guyana today.

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Why Guyana is one of the most unique countries in the world