Grab gift card

What is a Grab gift card?

Ryan Power

31 Jul 2023

What is Grab?

Based in Southeast Asia, Grab offers a range of services via their app including taxi rides, food delivery, and grocery shopping. Grab was founded in 2012 by Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling in Malaysia where they created an app with the aim of making taxi rides safer for everyone. Today, that same app allows users to book taxi rides, order food delivery from local restaurants and make cashless payments using their digital wallet which is called Grabpay.

Over the past few years, Grab has become one of the leading super apps in Southeast Asia with it's services making day to day life so much easier for many people. Originating with a focus on booking taxi rides, Grab has expanded to become a huge player in the digital economy of South East Asia, helping provide a variety of services online to millions of users in that part of the world.

What is a Grab gift card?

Grab offers gift cards that can be added to the Grab app by recipients. This then allows app users to use their gift card reward for taxi rides, food delivery and other services available on the Grab app. A Grab gift card is a great gift idea for your loved ones in South East Asia. Gifting your loved ones a Grab gift card allows them to treat themselves to the services offered by Grab.

With Ding, we now offer a variety of online gift cards which can be sent instantly to a number of countries around the world. This includes Grab gift cards which can be sent to both Malaysia and the Philippines. So whether you’re looking to help loved ones with safe taxi rides or quick food delivery, Ding has you covered with a Grab gift card that can be sent to them in seconds.

How can you get a Grab gift card with Ding?

Purchasing a Grab gift card for the Philippines, Malaysia or Vietnam is quick and easy with Ding. When you purchase a gift card with Ding, you're getting a seamless experience. That's for you and the person you are sending to. If you are looking to buy a Grab gift card for your loved ones, it can be done in just 4 easy steps.

  1. Select the Philippines, Malaysia or Vietnam depending on where the gift card will be used

  2. Choose the Grab card

  3. Select the amount you want to give as a gift and then checkout with your preferred payment method

  4. Once done, retrieval instructions will appear on the checkout screen and your loved ones can receive their Grab gift card quickly. Click the buttons below to get started.

What is a Grab gift card?