Venezuela currency change: New values when sending recharge

Andrea Santiago Orgaz

29 Sep 2021

On the 1st of October, Venezuela will change its currency to the digital bolívar. We are ready for this change, and guarantee that your recharge will be received in Venezuela as normal.

Following a recent decision by the Venezuelan government, from October 1 the digital bolívar will become the national currency. From this date, all recharges on the Ding website and app will be sent to Venezuela in this currency.

Will the currency change cause any disruptions?

There will be no impact on customers sending recharge to Venezuela when the new currency is circulated. Our payments team has been working behind the scenes, to ensure this. The credit value of the recharge amounts will be the same but there will be 6 less digits. For example, 28 000 000 VES previously will now be 28 VES. 

If there is a currency change, why do I still see the amounts in VES?

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that despite the changes from bolívar soberano to bolívar digital and the reduction of the 6 zeros, the currency code remains in VES.

Will the amounts change for all operators?

Yes, the 6-digit reduction applies to all Venezuelan networks.

Will I be able to send packages to Venezuela?

Of course! The current Digitel and Movistar packages will be available on the website. You will still be able to send regular recharges as usual to Digitel, Movistar, and Movilnet networks.

How do I send mobile recharge to Venezuela with Ding?

If you are an existing customer who has sent recharge to a Venezuelan number before, you just need to login and you will see your recent purchase in your dashboard. From here you can resend.

If you are a new customer, you can send a recharge to Venezuela in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to our top-up page and enter the number you want to recharge.

  2. Select the network and an amount to send.

  3. Choose your payment method. Once purchased, the recharge is sent instantly.

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Venezuela currency change: New values when sending recharge