5 recipes from Trinidad and Tobago you need to try!


2 Apr 2018

If you have moved away from the Caribbean, you probably cannot find one place that can create traditional dishes from Trinidad & Tobago quite like they do at home.

But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to recreate your favorite local dishes wherever you are. With Ding and operators such as bMobile, you can easily have mom on the phone guiding you through every step.

With its vibrant and culturally diverse history, Trinidad and Tobago’s food is influenced by cuisine all around the world.

Hungry yet?

Well sit back, relax and prepare to reminisce on all your favorite foods.


One of the more well-known dishes throughout the Caribbean, Trinis certainly know how to do it well.

Traditionally made from dasheen or taro leaves in this region, this yummy concoction is usually made into a stew and used as a side-dish to meals.

While ingredients differ from country to country and household to household, in Trinidad & Tobago extra ingredients such as okro, coconut milk and pimento are often added resulting in a deliciously creamy dish with a hearty kick.

Curried Duck

Taking influence from Creole, African as well as Indian cuisine, it is not surprising that curried duck is a popular dish.

Cooking a curried duck by the water in Trinidad and Tobago surrounded by friends and family is often a happy memory for many Trinis and a staple memory of childhood.


Inspired by Spanish dishes such as Paella, Pelau is a rice-based dish and often cited as a favorite among Trinbagonians.

This easy-to-make dish can be created using any type of meat, lots of local veg and usually includes a healthy dosage of fresh coconut milk, herbs and spices.

A staple on dinner tables of Trinidad & Tobago, this is one dish that you can only find at home.


Roti is a flatbread commonly associated with India, but many Trinis will tell you that Trinidadian rotis are the best in the world.

Adapted to the culture and flavors of the island, rotis with various tasty fillings are a common dish.

Two styles of roti many may miss from Trinidad & Tobago are buss up shut and dhalpuri which many would describe as the tastiest of all.

Macaroni Pie

Forget your standard mac and cheese, every Trini knows that it probably does not compare to a traditional Macaroni pie.

Often a regular at large events or family gatherings, this creamy and cheesy dish is the ultimate in comfort food.

But even if you can’t find a good roti or macaroni pie where you are, remember to keep in touch with those you love on the island and take note of some of your favorite recipes by sending international top up to loved ones back home with Ding.

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5 recipes from Trinidad and Tobago you need to try!