The best Telcel recharge promotion for 2022!

Andrea Santiago Orgaz

17 Jun 2022

We know how important it is to send recharge to Mexico. See the latest Telcel recharge promotion below and send a top-up to your loved ones today.

Telcel promotion 2022: Free MXN bonus + data for social networks!

Operator: Telcel Mexico

Promotion dates: Promotion available in 2022

Minimum amount: 5 USD

Bonus validity: The bonus credit will expire in 60 days and the data for social media will expire after 30 days.

Telcel promotions come with data and more credit!

With the current Telcel promotion for 2022 ongoing until the end of the year, if you send Amigo credit from abroad, the recipient will receive additional credit and free data for social networks.

What is Telcel's 'Saldo Regalo'?

Telcel's Saldo Regalo is the bonus recharge amount that the recipient receives when you send recharge from abroad to Telcel mobile numbers.

The receiver can use the bonus amount for Telcel's services below:

  • Local or national calls to any landline or mobile number, across any network

  • International calls to US, Canada or anywhere else

  • Sending SMS' to any network

  • Internet access within Mexico

Note that the Saldo Regalo can not be used for international roaming services or to purchase Amigo Sin Límite packages.

How can the bonus data be used?

The recipient will be able to use 1GB for WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Messenger social networks within Mexico.

What do I get with the Telcel promotion?

In this image below you can see the exact amount that the recipient will receive with each recharge and its validity:


How to recharge a Telcel cell phone in Mexico

Number 1 Ding
Number 1 Ding

1. Select the amount to recharge

Unlike other forms of remittance, with Ding you don't have to worry about the exchange rate when buying credit.

No matter your currency, you know that the amount of credit you select will be the amount your loved one receives.

Numer 2
Numer 2

2. Enter the receivers phone number

We have preselected the area code +52, so just enter their number. Then login or create a Ding account with your phone number or email.

Number 3 Ding
Number 3 Ding

3. Enter your payment details and the recharge is sent

You can buy Telcel recharge with a debit card, credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or PayPal.

Once the recharge is received, the bonus amount will automatically be applied to their number.

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The best Telcel recharge promotion for 2022!