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Recharge with PayPal: How to send top-up in seconds!

Jack McLoughlin

2 Feb 2021

In a couple of clicks you can top-up using your PayPal account, and send recharge around the world, safely and securely.

In recent years PayPal has become one of the world's most popular online payment platforms, that offers you a safe and easy way to pay for things, and in our case, to send mobile top-up around the world. You only need a bank account, email and street address to get started.

5 reasons to use PayPal to buy your top-up


Unlike traditional payment methods, there are some awesome benefits to using PayPal, which are highlighted below:

1. You don't need to remember your payment details! So long as you remember your PayPal login, you can make a purchase without having your card or bank details handy.

2. You can use leftover PayPal funds to purchase top-up. Perhaps if you were sent money from someone else, or received a refund through PayPal, you can put this money to good use instantly.

3. PayPal can be used all around the world, so you don't need to worry about your bank blocking purchases if you're overseas.

4. As PayPal doesn't need a bank to authorize a purchase, top-ups are sent instantly!

5. One reason PayPal has become so popular is because it's completely free to use. There's no annual membership or account fees, and no additional transaction fees when using it.

So, how do I top-up using PayPal?

1. Select an amount of top-up you want to send:

You can select from over 500 mobile operators, or one of our most popular networks below:

2. At the checkout, select PayPal as the payment method:

3. You will then be taken to the PayPal summary:

Enter your PayPal login details, and click 'Agree and Continue'. Once the payment is submitted, you will be taken to the Ding order confirmation page. At this point the top-up has been paid for using PayPal, and can now be used by the receiver!

If you ever need help with sending a top-up using PayPal, don’t forget that our customer care team are here to help, 24 hours a day. You can start a chat by clicking the 'Help' button in the bottom right of your screen, or you can always visit our Support Centre.

Rest easy knowing that your top-up purchase will be super secure when using PayPal. Add a little cheer to a loved one's day and top them up now.

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Recharge with PayPal: How to send top-up in seconds!