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You can now send online gift cards to Jamaica, with Ding.

Sarah Fitzpatrick

25 Apr 2023

Whether it's to treat them, surprise them or support them, you can now do more for those who mean the most. From Juici Patti meals, to an Island Grill voucher or a voucher for their next shop at CPJ, our gift cards allow you to send vouchers that cover restaurants, groceries and more.

Juici Patties – Juici Patties is one of the largest fast-food chains on the island of Jamaica. Offering a variety of food options on their menu including ackee & saltfish, fried chicken and chips and of course their famous patties. A Juici Patties gift card is one of the best online gift cards you send back to Jamaica to treat someone to a taste of ‘serious Jamaican food’.

Island Grill – Island Grill is popular in Jamaica for its great-tasting ‘Real Jamaican Jerk chicken’, along with their own special BBQ and yabbas. They are known for their own unique mix of spices in all of their meals which creates an authentic Jamaican flavour across their culturally inspired menu.

CPJ Market – CPJ Market is one of Jamaica’s top online shops for groceries and are known for always offering ‘great food at great value’. If you’re looking to help out with a loved one’s grocery shopping back home in Jamaica, you can support them in seconds via Ding by sending an online CPJ Market gift card.

Birdshack – Birdshack is a US fried chicken takeaway franchise which has recently opened its doors in Jamaica. Known for offering fried chicken options which are ‘perfect for lunch or dinner’, Birdshack’s menu includes fried chicken options including crispy, cajun, spicy and barbecue with sides such as wedges, cornbread rolls and coleslaw. The perfect takeaway treat to send back to a loved one in Jamaica.

Kingston Jerk – Known for having the ‘Best Jerk in Town’, Kingston Jerk is one of the most authentic Jamaican restaurant experiences across the island of Jamaica. Their delicious menu offers a huge range of Jamaican food for its diners including their famous jerk chicken as well as burgers, wings, spring rolls, BBQ options and so many side dishes from rice to breads, salads and more.

7Krave – 7Krave is ‘Jamaica's ultimate food delivery app’ as it makes ordering food delivery online a breeze. With 7Krave you don’t have to worry about going out and collecting your food as they will deliver your food orders to your doorstep. Now with Ding you can send friends and family in Jamaica an online gift card for 7Krave so they can order their favourite takeaways to be delivered directly to their door.

Ding’s online gift cards for Jamaica allow you to treat your friends and family in Jamaica to delicious food experiences across the islands as well as help you support your loved ones in Jamaica with their groceries. Although, we offer more Jamaican gift cards than the ones mentioned above so click the link below to explore our full range of online gift cards that you can send to Jamaica. 

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You can now send online gift cards to Jamaica, with Ding.