Help family & friends in Nigeria stay connected during the upcoming election

Sarah Fitzpatrick

24 Feb 2023

Send mobile airtime or data to Nigeria; keep your loved ones topped up whilst there is a cash shortage

We’re here to help you stay connected to your loved ones in Nigeria. In light of the upcoming elections and the on-going cash shortage, sending top-up with Ding ensures that your family and friends in Nigeria can receive a mobile top-up in 3 seconds. Your mobile top-up will ensure they have airtime and data, so they can stay in touch, connected and informed.

Why is this election in Nigeria so important?

This weekend, up to 94 million voters will cast their ballots in Nigeria. The Nigerian population will have the chance to elect lawmakers and the president which will shape social, political, and economic policies for the country.

Why is Nigeria having a cash shortage?

Authorities in Nigeria have been attempting to replace the country’s banknotes with a new currency, as a result, cash flow has been impacted and there is currently a shortage of cash.

How can I help my family & friends in Nigeria?

The cash shortage has left some Nigerians unable to pay for essentials including food, bills and mobile top-up. With Ding, you can instantly send your loved ones a mobile top-up to help them stay in contact, but to also keep them connected to anything else they may need during this time of change.

How can I send top up to Nigeria?

It’s easy – all you need to do is visit our website or app and enter the pre-paid phone number you want to send a top-up to, choose the amount you want to send and then pay using one of our 12 payment options. Your loved one in Nigeria will then receive their top-up in 3 seconds.

What Mobile Networks can I recharge in Nigeria?

Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, and MTN are the mobile networks you can recharge using our service.

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Help family & friends in Nigeria stay connected during the upcoming election