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Send loved ones in Cuba food & groceries with an Alawao Gift Card

Sarah Fitzpatrick

27 Feb 2023

Smiling man wearing an Alawao t-shirt saying hello to a Cuban woman
Smiling man wearing an Alawao t-shirt saying hello to a Cuban woman

We’re always on the hunt for new ways to help our customers stay in touch with loved ones back home in Cuba. We’ve helped millions of people around the world send little bytes of happiness, whether it’s a quick “Buenos días”, or a call home about the ingredients for Grandma’s trademark recipe, those little moments make the difference and we love to help make them happen.

Now, we want to go one step further and we’re giving Cubans around the world a new way to help family and friends back home by offering Alawao gift cards on our website and app. With an Alawao gift card, your family and friends in Cuba can shop for essential food items and groceries online.

Alawao gift cards are now available through Ding and they are another way for you to make a little go a long way. Whether it’s for the weekly groceries or a special occasion you can’t get home for, with an Alawao gift card, you can let them know you’re thinking of them. Just like sending a top-up, it’s easy to do, and arrives instantly.

Alawao's logo
Alawao's logo

How to Send an Alawao Gift Card to Cuba:

  • Visit our website, click on Gift Cards and find Cuba or search for Alawao

  • Once you have found the Alawao Gift Cards, select the amount you want to send

  • Choose your payment method and follow the checkout process

  • The Alawao gift card can be redeemed online and must be registered here - by entering the relevant pin into the ‘cupon’ field.

  • The balance will be automatically added to Alawao´s electronic wallet and it can be used to pay for the products at checkout

  • Your loved ones in Cuba can then shop online for their groceries using the amount you have sent them

  • Can the code be redeemed outside Cuba?

    Yes, the gift card can be redeemed from abroad by registering here. Please note that the products can only be delivered to a Cuban address.

For full details on how to redeem your Alawao gift card, visit our support page.

Alawao delivers to all provinces in Cuba, excluding:

  • Villa Clara (available in Santa Clara)

  • Las Tunas (available in Las Tunas)

  • Camagüey, Granma, Santiago, Guantánamo, Sandino

  • Antilla, Báguanos, Banes, Frank País, Sagua de Tánamo, Urbano Noris in


We’ve added the option to grab your next Alawao gift card in our app as well as on our website. When you’re next sending mobile top-up home, you’ll spot we’ve added Alawao gift cards (and much more) to our checkout process. That means you can send top-up and gift cards at the same time.

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Send loved ones in Cuba food & groceries with an Alawao Gift Card