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Sarah Fitzpatrick

22 Aug 2023

The back to school season is a busy but also an expensive time for many families around the world. The cost of school supplies, uniforms, textbooks, and other essentials quickly add up. This can lead to many families finding it difficult to manage their expenses. Worldwide inflation has led to price increases on everything. This includes tuition fees, stationery, uniforms and more education essentials. Ding is here to offer a convenient way to help you provide support for loved ones for back to school costs. From our mobile top-up service to our huge range of gift cards, you can send instant and secure back to school support home when they need it most.

Keep Them Connected and Online during Back to School

Ding is the world’s leading mobile top-up service. We have built a reputation worldwide for keeping loved ones connected. Our versatile service enables users to recharge prepaid mobile phones quickly and securely. A vital service to keep people in contact and online. 

For families who rely on prepaid mobile services, Ding's mobile top-up service offers a simple and essential way to provide financial support. Instead of sending cash, which might be less secure and less specific in its use, you can use Ding to send a top-up to a recipient's phone. This top-up can allow them to make calls, send texts, or even access the internet. These are all essential for staying connected and informed during the school year.

Revolutionising Back to School Remittance with Flexible Gift Card Options

Ding doesn't stop at mobile top-ups. We also offers a wide range of digital gift cards that can be sent across the world. This provides an instant way to support back-to-school costs that benefits everyone. It also allows the sender to have control of what the financial support is used for. While the recipient receives the secure gift card in seconds. From our range, you can choose gift cards for popular retailers, online shopping, groceries and now even tuition fees. Our excellent range of gift cards are ideal for back to school. Why? Because they can be used to help buy school supplies, clothing, electronics, and more.

Our Most Popular Gift Cards for Back to School

Send Back to School Remittance Support to Jamaica

Our range of gift cards for Jamaica offer you a few different options for sending back to school financial support. This includes gift cards for Jamaica’s top supermarkets to help out with groceries and school supplies. Sending a Fontana Pharmacy gift card would be the perfect back to school support. It allows the recipient to shop for groceries as well as school essentials such as notebooks, stationery, backpacks and more. An Azans gift card would also be ideal as this department store stocks most back to school essentials. Ding also offers JPS electricity to help keep the lights on during an expensive time of year. Although, we have now also added to our Jamaican utility gift cards to include gift cards for some of Jamaica’s top universities. So you can now send gift cards to cover tuition fees. Currently, we have gift cards for the University of the West Indies, University of Technology and Northern Caribbean University.

Send Amazon Gift Cards Worldwide to Support Back to School Costs

Amazon is one of the world’s most popular websites for back to school shopping. The worldwide site offers almost everything you need for the new school year. It offers notebooks, stationery, backpacks, textbooks and electronics. With Ding, you can instantly send an Amazon gift card to help with back to school costs. We currently offer Amazon gift cards to a range of different countries around the world. At present you can send an Amazon gift card to India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and USA.

Why Choose Ding?

One of Ding's standout benefits is our global reach. We operate in over 140 countries and partners with more than 500 mobile operators worldwide. This means that, regardless of where your loved ones are, you can use Ding to send them mobile recharge or data. We also now offer instant gift cards for nearly 30 markets across the world. Our instant gift cards are completely secure and give you complete control of what your remittance support is being used for. So no matter where your loved ones are, Ding's services can bridge the gap to make your back to school support easily accessible.

Providing financial support can make a huge impact on the lives of families and students during the back to school season. Ding's mobile top-up and gift card services offer a practical solution for sending back to school support. Our top-up and gift cards are 100% secure, arrive in seconds, and are tailored to your recipient's needs. Ding are here to help whether it's ensuring that a student has access to a reliable mobile connection or helping them buy essential supplies. Send a top-up or gift card today and play a meaningful role in a loved one's educational journey.

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Send Back to School Support with Ding