Send Alawao Gift Cards for Father's Day in Cuba

Andrea Santiago

8 Jun 2023

Cuban man looking at his phone
Cuban man looking at his phone

In this blog we tell you all about how and when Father’s Day is celebrated in Cuba, and how gifts like an Alawao gift card can help make Dad’s day, even more special

When Father's Day falls in Cuba:

Father's Day in Cuba has its roots in the American tradition. The idea of dedicating a special day to honor fathers emerged in the early 20th century, in response to Mother's Day. In Cuba it's celebrated on the third Sunday of June, (This year, it falls on the 18th) as it is in the United States.

How Father's Day is celebrated in Cuba:

Father's Day in Cuba is an occasion to show love and gratitude to fathers. Cuban families usually celebrate it in different ways. Some organise family meals, where the favorite dishes of the honored father are prepared.

It's also common to give symbolic gifts, such as watches or handmade cards, although Cuban fathers love to receive perfumes or their favorite perfume. And of course, music is a must. We know that the Cuban community is spread all over the world, so celebrating your father can be more complicated when being away from them. We’ve got an idea to share with you, that will make your Dad’s Day

Father's Day Gifts:

If you are looking for gift ideas to surprise your father, here we propose Alawao gift cards, so he can make his purchase from Cuba.

With an Alawao gift card, your family and friends in Cuba can shop for essential food items and groceries online.

Alawao's logo
Alawao's logo

Here are some of the advantages of giving this card as a gift:

⭐Alawao cards can be used from Cuba

Sending an Alawao card couldn't be more convenient. Once purchased (which will only take a few clicks if you do it with Ding), your father in Cuba will be able to use it without the need to introduce payment methods or help from abroad.

He will be able to choose food combos, or his favorite perfume from the online store and receive it at home in less than 48 hours.

⭐You will save yourself from receiving shopping lists and sending food shipments to Cuba from abroad.

There are hundreds of items on the Alawao website, and your father will only have to choose what he prefers, enter the gift card number and he will receive it at home. It's that easy.

  ⭐They can buy everything in the same supermarket

With Alawao, he can buy everything from one place, and without leaving home, instead of going to different stores or MLCs where he may not find what he really needs at that moment. And so he can enjoy his day the way he wants to.

If Alawao cards have turned out to be the perfect gift for your father on his day, or even for your family in Cuba any day of the year. Don't wait any longer, click on the button below and send secure and instant Alawao online store cards.

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Send Alawao Gift Cards for Father's Day in Cuba