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Send a Virtual Jumia Gift Card to Nigeria

Sarah Fitzpatrick

8 Mar 2023

Since 2006, we’ve been helping people from around the world send mobile top-up to loved ones at home in Nigeria. We love allowing people stay in touch with their loved ones in Nigeria, and giving back to their families and friends through helping them stay connected to the world around them.

Now, we want to go one step further and help you give back in an even more meaningful way. With Ding, you can send home a virtual Jumia gift card to Nigeria. This will help your family and friends in Nigeria shop online for groceries, electronics, clothing items, beauty products and more. So whether you want to show loved ones in Nigeria how much you care by helping them pay for groceries and essentials or surprise someone you love with a gift card for a special occasion, the virtual Jumia voucher is the ideal gift.

How to Send a Jumia Gift Card to Nigeria:

  • Visit our website, click on Gift Cards and find Nigeria or search for Jumia

  • Once you have found the Jumia option, select the amount you want to send

  • Choose your payment method and follow the checkout process

  • The Jumia gift card can be redeemed online in Nigeria by the recipient and can be used to pay for the products on the Jumia store online.

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Send a Virtual Jumia Gift Card to Nigeria