Get top-up even faster with our Request feature!

Jack McLoughlin

17 Jun 2022

Out of data or credit? Our new 'Request Top-up' feature makes life even easier for the person topping up your number.

If you have family or friends living abroad, or in another part of the country, you can now ask them to send you airtime through the Ding website or app.

Request top-up in 3 easy steps

1. Create your personal link

Go to the request page, then enter your mobile number, select your network and an amount to receive.

2. Share your personal link

Once your link is ready, tap 'Ask for top-up'. You can then share your link with friends and family wherever you are talking to them, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS or any other platform.

3. Your friend tops you up!

When your friend opens your link, they will see that your name, phone number and mobile network have been verified.

Then they just need to select an amount to send, enter their payment details and tap send. At this point your phone will instantly be topped up.

Benefits of the request feature

Faster top-ups! 🚀

You can share your Ding personal link through apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or via text message. It means less work for you, so you can get your top-up sooner.

Easier for the sender 🙂

The person sending you top-up doesn't need to be reminded what your mobile number and network provider is. They just need to click your personal link and select an amount and send.

Verified for safety 🔒

When the sender opens your Ding personal link, they will see that it has been 'SMS verified' by you, so they know they can trust it.

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Get top-up even faster with our Request feature!