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Exploring prepaid trends: The Ding Global Prepaid Index (infographic)

Jack McLoughlin

19 Feb 2021

In being the world's leading top-up service, we have recently published our inaugural Global Prepaid Index (GPI) which explores key trends, consumption habits and market insights in the global prepaid market.

The report is based on more than 7,000 responses from people across Europe, the US, South America, the Middle East and Asia, including 3,000 expat workers who are regular consumers in the prepaid market.

What is the global prepaid market?

If you haven't heard of the term the 'global prepaid market' before, not to worry, you're not alone!

The global prepaid market has been defined as people who use prepaid mobile phones or financial prepaid products, such as prepaid (reloadable) cards, utility bills, or gift cards/vouchers.

In the past, prepaid products were once framed as a 'lesser relation' to their post-paid or credit counterpart, think prepaid cards vs bank approved credit cards, or prepaid SIM cards vs post-paid phone accounts.

However, it's safe to say that times are changing..

Prepaid mobile consumption continues to grow

As demand for cash alternatives and e-commerce continues to rise, so too does the demand for prepaid goods and services, particularly from those in unbanked markets.

The infographics below explores some of the key trends Ding uncovered in the prepaid market, highlighted in our Global Prepaid Index.

You can read the full findings from the Ding Global Prepaid Index at our Press Center here.

As the world's leading top-up service, we continue to deliver mobile recharge that's safe, fast, and easy. Send a top-up and give a little cheer today.

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Exploring prepaid trends: The Ding Global Prepaid Index (infographic)