Pakistan, and all that it's #HomeTo

Sarah Fitzpatrick

27 Apr 2023

Pakistan is the world's fifth most populated country, and is #HomeTo a rich history, culture, and passionate cricket fans.

There are endless reasons to love the country of Pakistan whether it's for the arts, food and malls in Lahore, or the Arabian Sea by the port in Karachi. We took a look at some of the amazing feats that Pakistan has to be proud of:

#HomeTo K2 which is the World’s Second Highest Mountain

K2 is known as one of the most remarkable mountains in the world and can be found on the China-Pakistan border with Pakistan to the South and China to the North. It's the second highest mountain in the world and can be found rising from the Baltoro Glacier with a pyramid shaped peak which creates the ultimate challenge for passionate climbers.

The world-famous mountain has a peak which is a huge 8,611 metres high and is only second to Mount Everest which is just slightly higher by 237 more metres. K2 is such a dangerous climb that even one of the most experienced climbers George Bell nicknamed it ‘The Savage Mountain’ after he nearly slipped to his death during a failed climb in 1953.

No one had ever climbed K2 in the Winter until January 2021 when a team of Nepali climbers created history. Would you be brave enough to climb The Savage Mountain?

#HomeTo Fairy Meadows – A high altitude trek offering stunning views

Fairy Meadows is a beautiful grassland area near the world’s ninth highest mountain which is Nanga Parbat. The area was actually named Fairy Meadows by German climbers as the beautiful surrounding views resemble a fairytale but it’s locally referred to as Joot.

The National Park is at an altitude of 3,300 metres above sea level so it’s known as the first challenge for trekkers who are planning to climb Nanga Parbat. Fairy Meadows can be reached by a dangerous 15km gravel mountain road which was also named the second-deadliest road on the planet but once you arrive you are greeted by the most beautiful views of grassy meadows, alpine forests and glacier waters.

#HomeTo Hiran Minar & it’s unique origin story

Hiran was built in 1606 by Mughal Emperor Jahangir in dedication to his pet antelope, Mansraj. The story is that the antelope saved the emperor’s life while he was out hunting and nearly attacked by a wild animal.

The landmark once served as a place of recreation and relaxation for Mughal emperors where they visited the location to hunt and enjoy the surrounding gardens.

Hiran Minar has been preserved for centuries and offers a unique glimpse into the rich history of the Mughal emperors as well as the local area. It’s one to add to your must-see list when you decide to visit Pakistan.

#HomeTo Faiz Mahal – a world famous architectural masterpiece

The Faiz Mahal has been known as a palace for the Talpur royal family for centuries. The royal palace includes a royal living area along with 16 waiting rooms and guest rooms as well as luxury dining rooms. The royal home was even once known to be home to royal elephants and stables which has today been replaced by an orchard.

Located in Khairpur, Sindh, the surrounding area along with the palace is rich in Pakistan history and culture and is today home to the last descendants of the Talpur royal family.

#HomeTo some of the world’s most passionate cricket fans

There are very few cricket teams in the world better than Pakistan so it's no surprise that Pakistan cricket fans are also some of the world's best. Currently ranked 6th in the international cricket world rankings, Pakistan have been one of the most consistently competitive teams within the sport throughout the years while they have also had some of the cricket greats play for them from Imran Kahn to Shahid Afridi and many more cricket legends. So it's no wonder cricket is the number one sport in Pakistan and that they can boast having some of the world's most passionate fans.

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Pakistan, and all that it's #HomeTo