5 reasons to send Movistar Recharges with Paypal to Mexico!

Andrea Santiago Orgaz

30 Jun 2022

If you are looking to send recharge to Movistar Mexico online, safely and securely, here we tell you the reasons why you should do it with PayPal.

We know that security when making online purchases is key for our users. When it comes to sending Movistar recharges, at Ding we can assure you that with us they will be received safely and instantly.

But if you still have doubts when making your online payments, here we explain the reasons why PayPal is the safest and most convenient method of sending top-ups with us.

Benefits of sending your Movistar recharge with PayPal

1. It's perfect for payments if you are overseas!

While the bank sometimes blocks your payments when you are abroad, with PayPal you will never have such problems. They will work to ensure that your payments are made securely and instantly!

2. It is free

Creating a PayPal account is completely free. There's no annual membership or account fees, and no additional transaction fees when using it.

3. Easy to use

You can use PayPal in two different ways. You can use PayPal as a deposit and add the exact amount of money you want to spend into the account. If you don't want to think about how much money you have on your account, simply link your debit or credit card and PayPal will take care of the payment process for you.

4. No hassle

Forget about having to memorize your card details or having to add them for every purchase. So long as you remember your PayPal login, you can make a purchase without having your card or bank details handy - easy!

5. It is the most secure payment method

By not having to enter your bank details, you are assured of privacy. Also, PayPal always backs you up when it comes to claiming any problem, so you are always covered.

How to recharge Movistar with PayPal

At Ding we offer recharges to Movistar México but also for many other countris like:

Now you know the benefits of sending recharges with PayPal to any country, you only need to follow these easy steps:

1. Enter the number and select the amount you want to recharge

2. At the checkout, select PayPal as the payment method


3. Enter your PayPal password and voila! Your top-up is sent instantly

Other payment methods

If you don't have a PayPal account or have decided to have one, you can always send a Movistar recharge with a card or with multiple payment methods that we offer on our website and mobile application, like Gpay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

No matter what payment method you want to use: PayPal, credit or debit card, GooglePay.. at Ding we have them all! Click here to send your recharges to Movistar Mexico with us and they will be received in less than 3 seconds!

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5 reasons to send Movistar Recharges with Paypal to Mexico!