Meet Shahroom - a valued member of our #DingCommunity

Paddy Kirwan

17 Apr 2023

We’ve connected millions of people all around the world, and we wanted to understand what part we’ve played in the lives of some of our customers. Meet Shahroom, a valued member of our Ding community. 

7,758.3km away from his home of Peshawar in Pakistan, Shahroom Khan is enjoying his 3rd year in Barcelona, Spain. We caught up with Shahroom (nicknamed Sham), to hear about what life is like, so far away from home.

Sham, tell us a little bit about you 

I'm Sham Khan, I’m 20 years old and from Peshawar in Pakistan. I moved to Barcelona in Spain 3 years ago, and I've loved every moment. 

Long way from home. How do you find life in Spain? 

"It's great. The people here are very friendly. I'm working as a waiter in a local Spanish restaurant. I love meeting new people every day. Moving away from home, it opens your eyes. The food is different, the people, the culture. It makes you appreciate other cultures, and your own." 

"It took me a while to realise, but coffee is the drink of choice here. Back home, tea was bigger than coffee."  

Important lesson Sham! And how did you come across Ding? 

"So, moving away from home, I'm away from all of my family and friends. I saw an ad about Ding on YouTube a couple of years ago. I've been using the app ever since."  

What is it that you like about Ding, Sham?  

"Well, it keeps me connected to my father, my cousin, and other relatives back home in Pakistan. Specifically, I love that once I send the top-up, Ding lets them know I have done so. I know this because they call me straight away. When I see the incoming call, I know it's time for a long chat!" 

Life away from home can be tough, but Sham's not slowing down. Now finished his studies, Sham plans to unleash his inner-entrepreneur and set up a coffee business in the future. You're in the right city for a coffee shop, Sham.  

It's people like Sham who are living proof, that distance can only stop you if you let it. 

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Meet Shahroom - a valued member of our #DingCommunity