Meet Pankaj- a valued member of our #DingCommunity

Paddy Kirwan

15 May 2023

We’ve connected millions of people all around the world. We wanted to understand what part we’ve played in the lives of some of our customers. Meet Pankaj, a valued member of our Ding community.

It's a 21-hour drive away from his home of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh in India, that Pankaj Sharma finds himself in need of a mobile top-up service like Ding.

21 years young, Pankaj lives in Kathmandu, Nepal, studying a medical degree. We caught up with Pankaj to learn about studying abroad, hobbies outside of medicine, and how he stays in touch with family and friends.

"Pankaj, tell us a bit about you”.

"My name's Pankaj Sharma. I'm 21 years old. I've just recently moved from India to Nepal, to study my MBBS."

"That's amazing. Have you always wanted to be a doctor?"

"Yes. It's always been a dream of mine. I love helping others, and doctors, well they do exactly that!"

"Focused on helping others, we love it. How is your new life in Kathmandu?"

"Kathmandu is great. I love it here in Nepal. There's always stuff to do outside of my studies, and the weather is awesome! I like to work on web development when I’m not studying. And going to the gym, I'm a bit of a gym freak."

"Always kept busy then, Pankaj. How did you come to find out about Ding?"

"Well, moving away from home, I needed a way to stay in touch with family back home in India. I love India, and love hearing about life back home. Chatting to some friends, they recommended Ding. They mentioned that Ding regularly have offers and promotions for top-up back to India, so I gave it a go, and I’ve been using it since."

"Good friends give good advice. How have you been using Ding since?"

"Well, I use Ding to top-up my mom back home. I've also sent mobile top-up to a close friend back home in India. I used the website, for the first few top-ups. One day, I saw that it's cheaper on the app, and I’ve been using the app since."

One year in Pankaj, it sounds like your move has been amazing. Keep hitting the gym, enjoying your hobbies, and striving to help others. Your story is one we love here at Ding, and we’re happy to play the small part that we do, in keeping you in touch with home.

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Meet Pankaj- a valued member of our #DingCommunity