Meet Letty, a valued #DingCommunity member

Dee Lara O'Neal

10 May 2023

We’ve connected millions of people all around the world and we love to understand what part we’ve played in the lives of some of our customers. Ahead of Mother’s Day this year, we sat down with Letty Rosas, to discuss the importance of the day, and how special her mom is to her.  

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Letty Rosas, her husband, and three daughters now live in Dallas, Texas. Having turned a passion into a career, Letty runs her own videography & photography studio: Photography by Letty Rosas.

“Letty, how do you plan on celebrating Mother’s Day this year?” 

“With my daughters. My youngest two are still in school. That makes it difficult to travel, if it’s not spring break or summer. Before, my mom would travel to spend the day with me here, in the States. This year, a phone call will have to do. I’ll have to text my brother that she lives with to get her to answer- she never picks up [laughter]."

“Letty, tell us about your mom” 

“Well, she’s incredibly active for her age. She’s 83 and as healthy as ever. She takes good care of her health, watches what she eats, and exercises when she can.” 

“A healthy, strong woman! Letty, when you call home, what do you and your mom chat about?” 

“Any news? What will you eat today? Stuff like that. My mom cooks every day without fail” 

“Woah, at 83! So her cooking is the main theme of your chats?“ 

“Well, cooking is what we spend most time talking about. I’m always asking “Mom, how do you make your capirotada so well?” Or I’ll ask her for different recipes I know she’s perfected. Stuff like that. “ 

“Of course, we chat about other things. She’ll tell me about going to church meetings, or neighbourhood gatherings. She’s part of a church group. The group take the statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe to all the houses in the neighbourhood. Recently, it was her turn to host. She told me all about how the group came, she made beef taquitos and bought them sodas. It’s just those little stories, they make calling home worth it. She’ll then ask me about the girls and my husband (who she calls her son!)” 

That’s brilliant Letty. Tell us, what are your favourite memories with your mom?  

“Well, I love that she always calls us on our birthdays. Those calls are some of my favourite. Her call, is my favourite. I look forward to it the most. Whether it’s chatting about the soup she just made, or telling me about her trips to the midwife. Another memory we always share is when she tells me about the time I was born. She’ll tell me the story of how I was born, and that’s something I’ve carried on with my own children. Now my daughters ask me to share this story again, just like my mother does with me.” 

Passing the traditions through the generations. Really nice Letty. And what things do you miss about your Mom?  

Her presence, her stories, sharing a coffee. It’s something we did daily. We’d have breakfast together, share stories. Mother & daughter. That’s what I miss the most.  

Little moments matter. Is there anything you’ve come to appreciate about your mom?    

“My mom had a very humble upbringing. She didn’t go to school. Nevertheless, she always put us first. Both of my parents always encouraged us to pursue our dreams, but we had to finish school. They’d say: “Even if you plan on getting married, you need to finish your studies, you need to have a career that you can fall back on. 

My mom strove to provide all her children with better opportunities than she had. Now she’s older, I try to show her the same love and support she showed me. The situation in Mexico is difficult, and now I have more opportunities to help her - whether that’s by sharing moments over the phone or stepping in to support her financially as best as I’m able."

It can be so difficult to be away from your loved ones when you live abroad especially for holidays such as Mother's Day. Don't forget to call or message this Mother's Day to let them know how much you appreciate them.

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Meet Letty, a valued #DingCommunity member