Meet Khalid - a valued member of our #DingCommunity

Paddy Kirwan

24 Apr 2023

We’ve connected millions of people all around the world. We wanted to understand what part we’ve played in the lives of some of our customers. Meet Khalid, a valued member of our Ding community.

Khalid Takal is a long away from his home in the Nangarhar province of East Afghanistan, where he once lived as a National Police Officer. Today, it's in West Flanders in Belgium, that Khalid finds himself in need of a mobile top-up service like Ding.

At 29 years old, Khalid is celebrating his 4th year in Belgium. We caught up with Khalid to learn more about his story and life away from home, friends, and family:

Khalid, tell us about yourself:

I'm Khalid Takal. I'm 29 years old from Afghanistan, but now living in Belgium. I work here as a labourer at Voulkoprin- a large industrial manufacturer of wheels and other products. I love it here.

Great to hear you're loving life in Belgium, Khalid. How was the experience of moving from Afghanistan to Belgium?

Well, I moved here alone. Back in 2019, I had some problems in Afghanistan, so I needed a change. I moved over by myself and live alone in an apartment, but I love it. Life in Europe is so good. I can continue my hobbies of running, driving, playing cricket and mobile gaming. There's lots to do, new people to meet every day, and I've got a good job. I'm really happy.

So, Khalid, how did you hear about Ding?

Like everyone living far from their home country, I couldn't bring everyone with me. I've got family and friends back home that I need to chat to, check in on.

I first came across Ding on social media, a couple of years ago. After some reading, I realised this is a service I could really use.

We're glad you found us. How have you found using Ding since then?

I've got zero complaints. It's very fast and easy to use. Especially the re-send feature. I first used Ding to top-up my Mama's phone, and then my brothers. Since then, I've been topping both of them up on a regular basis.

Life away from Afghanistan can be hard for those who have left, and staying in touch is vital. Khalid shared his thoughts on how Ding is appreciated by him and others in his shoes: "Sending money to Afghanistan has become difficult lately. The Ding App has provided a lot of convenience for our Afghans. It's served us very well. We Afghans are very grateful for Ding, and its speed."

Whether it's on your runs around the city streets in Tielt, Belgium. Whether it's batting or bowling at cricket practice. Whatever you're up to Khalid, you're playing a blinder. If you need to send mobile top-up home to Afghanistan, click the link below.

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Meet Khalid - a valued member of our #DingCommunity