Meet Jeffter- a valued member of our #DingCommunity

Paddy Kirwan

2 Jun 2023

We’ve connected millions of people all around the world. We wanted to understand what part we’ve played in the lives of some of our customers. Meet Jeffter, a valued member of our Ding community. 

Moving 3 hours away from his home village of Egbema in Nigeria is what has brought Jeffter Chigozie to using a mobile recharge service like Ding. Like all members of the Ding community, Jeffter uses the Ding mobile app to keep in touch with his mom back home. We caught up with Jeffter to learn more about his life, as a student at Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 

“Jeffter, we’d love to hear a bit about you!”  

“I’m Jeffter, a 19-year-old Agricultural and Environmental Engineering student here in Rivers State, Nigeria. I live here in Port Harcourt City with my auntie.” 

“And how was life growing up in Nigeria, Jeffter?” 

“I grew up in a family of six children. I’m the third child, but first son. When I was growing up, mobile phones weren’t very popular in my village. My dad was working far from home, and needed to communicate with us. He’d want to know how we’re doing, and we loved hearing from him.  

So, my mother took myself and my two older sisters to a call centre nearby, so we could speak to our dad. This all happened when I was in primary school.” 

“Wow Jeffter. And when did you first encounter mobile phones?” 

“Well, after primary school, I left my family to go to a boarding school about 100km from my town. When I was in grade 9, I got a small mobile phone, to stay in touch with people at home."

“The history of mobile phones. And how did you come across Ding, Jeffter?“ 

“I was scrolling on social media and came across an ad for Ding. I clicked the name above the ad. When I understood what the service was for, it clicked with me that I could help my family with this. To stay in touch with my Mom back home, Ding could help us. I first sent a top-up on the website, then I downloaded the Ding app. I’ve been using Ding for 2 years now.“ 

“We love that we have played a small part in your story, Jeffter. What does the future look like for you?” 

“Well, I plan to finish my studies here and go on to do a masters degree. I hope to study a masters outside of Nigeria, maybe in America or somewhere in Europe. Better still, I’d love to join the military here in my country. That’s been a dream of mine since I was little.” 

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Meet Jeffter- a valued member of our #DingCommunity