Internet usage in Mexico 2023: All there is to know!

Andrea Santiago Orgaz

12 Jan 2023

Mexican girls making a videocall
Mexican girls making a videocall

Internet usage in Mexico has continued to increase each year, with locals now spending on average more than 7 hours a day online. So whether it's for work, study or to socialise, the need to stay connected has never been greater.

Why has internet usage in Mexico increased?

Like most countries, the impact of covid over the last couple of years has resulted in people spending more time online.

The nationwide 5G rollout at the start of 2022 has also resulted in increased internet usage in Mexico.

In a similar vein, millions of pesos have been invested from the government and the major telecom provides over the last couple of years, resulting in improved network coverage in rural areas.

How many people have internet access in Mexico?

As of 2023, 78% of the Mexican population has access to the internet, totally 94.5 million users (DataReportal).

13% of the population are still not online, which remains a massive shortfall in the digital divide.

Which is the most popular internet service provider in Mexico?

Telcel is leading the way when it comes to mobile internet access, with 70% of all phone connections with internet access going through them (BNamericas).

It's no surprise as they were the first adopted mobile phone provider in the country, who also own approximately 80% of the mobile infrastructure in Mexico.

Making up the remaining split is AT&T (17%), Telefónica (9%) and OMV (4%).

Which is the fastest internet provider in Mexico?

Focusing on mobile only, Telcel is the fastest mobile operator in the country with it's average speed approximately 2x faster than the next best network.

The breakdown of median speeds per providers is below:

  1. Telcel - 45.54 Megabytes per second (Mbps)

  2. AT&T 21.78 Mbps

  3. Movistar 20.79 Mbps

  4. ALTAN Redes 13.19 Mbps

According to Ookla, Telcel also scored highest on latency and connection consistency scores against the competition.

Get the best Telcel recharge offers with Ding

Clearly Telcel is the #1 mobile internet provider in Mexico in terms of speed and reliability.

Telcel also has the best prepaid data offers on the market, with two great offers currently available:

  • Recharge 100 MXN/ 5 USD or more and get a bonus 1GB of social media access

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Mobile internet usage in Mexico continues to grow each year. To keep you or a loved one connected, send them a Telcel recharge so you can both stay in touch.

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Internet usage in Mexico 2023: All there is to know!