How to Support People in Sudan

Sarah Fitzpatrick

26 May 2023

Since mid-April 2023, Sudan has been experiencing civil unrest, worsening living conditions for those based there. Sudan was already struggling with food shortages and the country has a history of displaced communities.

As the unrest continues, there’s been an increase in movement into neighbouring countries including Egypt, Chad, Central African Republic, and Ethiopia.

Infrastructure within the country has been destroyed including pharmacies, hospitals, schools and the homes of the Sudanese people.

Many have been left homeless, and it’s estimated that 10 million do not have access to clean drinking water. Costs of essential items including food and medicines, continue to rise.

As a result of this, the UN expects around 25 million people need some kind of support or aid right now.

How people around the world can help Sudan

The UNCT, a group of international organisations who have been supporting Sudan for over a decade have been providing food, water and medical supplies. Sudan needs more financial aid now than ever before. The best way to help the people of Sudan is to donate to the charities and organisations which are helping on the ground in Sudan and helping refugees who have fled Sudan.

Some of these organisations you can quickly donate to are:

IRC - Established a main office in Khartoum to serve ongoing humanitarian needs while also setting up health services and water sanitation in Sudan. The IRC have also built health facilities to provide essential medical care.

UNICEF – Providing food, clean water and essential medical supplies to children in Sudan.

Concern – Donations are helping to provide food, water, sanitation, shelter and vital cash support to those most in need in Sudan. They also have teams set up in Chad and South Sudan to help those who are fleeing the violence.

How to stay in contact with your loved ones in Sudan

We know many of you have friends, family or know someone impacted by the situation in Sudan.If you are struggling to find a loved one in Sudan or are looking to help someone evacuate Sudan, The Red Cross have a helpline set up to help in anyway they can.

How Ding are trying to help

We are following the unrest in Sudan and have made a donation to Unicef who are helping children and displaced families who have been affected by the crisis in Sudan. If you need to stay connected with anyone affected there, you can send them mobile recharge with Ding. We have been working alongside Zain Sudan to make sending mobile recharge to people in Sudan as easy as possible. Click the link below to send recharge to Sudan today.

If you are looking to keep loved ones who have fled Sudan connected, you can also send mobile recharge to EgyptChadEthiopia and Central African Republic.

How to Support People in Sudan