How to call Mexico from the US: A step by step guide + alternatives

Andrea Santiago Orgaz

19 May 2022

Mexican and US Flags
Mexican and US Flags

In the US and need to call a loved one in Mexico? We've outlined the steps to do. Plus we've also shared some cheaper and easier alternatives to talk to Mexico without eating up roaming.

The Mexican community is the largest of all those residing in the US.

At Ding, we know what it's like to work from abroad, and that staying connected with our family and friends is key for those who leave, and also for those who stay.

For this reason, we know it's essential to know how to call Mexico from the USA, which we've outlined below.

📞How to call Mexico from the US:

  1. On your phone, dial the exit code 011

  2. Followed by the Mexico country code 52

  3. And the 10-digit number of the cell phone.

Example: 011 52 714 956 6666


  • You no longer need to include the '1' after entering '52'.

  • You no longer need to include the dialing prefixes of 01, 044, or 045.

  • Calling Mexican landline numbers and cell phones from the US now follows the same steps.

How much does it cost to call the US from Mexico?

The basic rates to call Mexico from the US can be expensive. For example, AT&T's basic rate is $3.50 per minute!

The good news is there are alternatives.

1. Purchase a bundle or monthly plan that includes international minutes

Mexican girls making a videocall
Mexican girls making a videocall

If you and a loved one talk often, we suggest they call you from Mexico, as the networks in Mexico have deals that include unlimited minutes to the US.

For example, when you recharge the Telcel Amigo Sin Límite plan it comes with unlimited calls from Mexico to the US and also to Canada. (You can read about all the benefits of the Telcel Amigo plans here)

AT&T also offers unlimited minutes to the US for the duration of their prepaid plan. Simply send them AT&T recharge and they only need to active the 'Mi AT&T' plan to get chatting.

Ding is the easiest way to send recharge to Mexico, you can download our app, or do it through our website. Just tap the button below to get started.

2. Call using online apps

Phone screens
Phone screens

There are countless free apps out there to choose from, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Facetime.

Keep in mind that the person you are calling must also have the app downloaded, plus it relies on a strong internet connection. If you aren't using wi-fi it can also chew into both of yours data allowance.

3. Purchase a calling card

Calling cards are physical or virtual cards that come loaded with a set amount of minutes to make calls. They work by calling an access number, entering your PIN code and then entering the number you want to call.

Their rates are usually much cheaper than standard calling rates. However they often come with daily, weekly or monthly maintenance fees or additional connection fees which can drain your balance, even if you aren't using it.

Calling Mexico from the US is easy. However the cheapest way to stay connected is to initiate the call from Mexico. Recharge a Mexican number with Ding below and get calling now!

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How to call Mexico from the US: A step by step guide + alternatives