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How to buy gift cards online with Ding and send them around the world

Andrea Santiago

26 May 2023

If you are looking for where to buy gift cards online, you are in the right place. You can now send more than just mobile top-up with Ding to support your loved ones at home.

With Ding, you can now send your loved one’s restaurant, groceries, and utility gift cards giving you the option to offer essential support back home while you are abroad. Sending a Gift Card with Ding can be done for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or if you’re just feeling generous. 

How to purchase a gift card from Ding

We've all experienced receiving a gift that didn't quite hit the spot... but with a gift card, you can take the stress away and give them the gift of choice. They’ll pick exactly what they want.

For example, if you wonder where to buy Amazon gift cards to let the person pick their own gift, you can send it with us, just following 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the country where the gift card will be used

  2. Choose the gift card you want to send

  3. Select the amount you want to give as a gift and pay. Your gift card will arrive in 3 seconds.

With Ding, you can send a mobile top-up to keep connected with your loved ones, and also send them a gift card to help support their daily needs. Ding is now offering gift cards in several countries around the world, some of these include Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Cuba, and the USA.

Gift cards online in Jamaica

In Jamaica, we offer a variety of gift cards ranging from groceries, restaurants, and regular gifts. If you're seeking to send a groceries gift card to Jamaica, we have plenty on offer, including CPJ Market, Boot Supermarket, Delexis Pharmacy, Grab and Go Convenience store, Joon Supermarket, and Lee’s Food Fair.

If you're seeking to send your loved ones some delicious Jamaican food, we offer a range of restaurant gift cards including, Juici Patties, Island Grill, 7Krave, BirdShack, Chester Fried Chicken, and Kingston Jerk.

We also offer a variety of gift cards that can be sent to your loved ones if you want to treat them to a spa day at Bella Oasis Day Spa or Spa Aesthetique, or if they have a sweet tooth, we have gift cards for Infini Gelato, Chocolate Dreams, and Candy Craze

Gift cards online in Mexico

With Ding, you are now able to send several gift cards online to Mexico. If you’re looking to give your loved ones the gift of entertainment, Ding offers gift cards such as Amazon, Paramount Plus, and Netflix.

If your loved ones are more of the gaming and music type, we offer gift cards such as PlayStation, Spotify, Google Play, and Minecraft.

So, if you’re looking to send a little bit of joy back home to your loved ones in Mexico, why not send them a gift card with Ding today? 

US gift cards online

In search for where to get Amazon gift cards? You're in the right place. Share the gift of choice with that special someone today, with Ding.

Ding has you covered as we offer a large variety of gift cards for any occasion. We offer a range of gift cards from helping your loved ones catch a ride with Uber, to helping them stream music with a Spotify gift card. We also offer gift cards for Apple, Amazon, eBay, Fortnite, and much more, so you can send your loved ones in the US a gift card that suits them. 

Gift cards online in Nigeria and Cuba

We offer one gift card each for Nigeria and Cuba, these being the Jumia gift card for Nigeria and the Alawao gift card for Cuba.

If you're hoping to send a gift card back to Cuba, send an Alawao gift card, Cuba's leading online supermarket. Alawao delivers groceries & more to your loved ones in Cuba. Buy a gift card on Ding, share the code & delight loved ones. 

If you're in search of a gift idea for your loved ones back in Nigeria, the Jumia gift card is a great choice, they will be able to shop online for all sorts of different products.

But this is not everything. We also offer gift cards for the following countries:

Join the millions of people who have trusted Ding to send support to their families back home while they are abroad by sending a mobile top-up or gift card today. Our customers rely on our instant online mobile top-up and gift card services to make a meaningful difference in the lives of their loved ones back home and now you can too by choosing to send top-up or gift card with Ding today.

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How to buy gift cards online with Ding and send them around the world