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Help Loved Ones in Jamaica Pay Electricity Bills with Ding

Sarah Fitzpatrick

6 Jul 2023

With Ding you can now give the gift of light and help keep the power on back home in Jamaica. How? Easy. You can now purchase and send JPS Electricity gift cards online in seconds. We have now made it easier than ever for you to support your loved ones in Jamaica with the rising costs of energy bills.

The cost of electricity bills is a real concern for many people in Jamaica. Our new JPS gift cards enable you to directly contribute to the payment of your loved ones energy bills. Just another way Ding can help you support the essential needs of your families back home.

Benefits of Purchasing a JPS Gift Card with Ding

Direct Financial Support for your Loved Ones in Jamaica

With our JPS gift cards, you can be confident that your hard-earned money is helping your loved ones back in Jamaica pay for essentials like electricity. JPS electricity gift cards can help you directly support your friends and family to keep the lights on giving both of you peace of mind. Your friends and family have the relief of paid energy bills and you have peace of mind that they keep lights on and the support you’re sending home is being used for the right things.

Secure, Easy and Instant Purchase

When you purchase a gift card with Ding, you're getting a seamless experience. That's for you and the person you are sending to. You can quickly purchase JPS gift cards on our website or app. Once purchased, you'll receive a URL. Simply send this to your loved one in Jamaica. The recipient in Jamaica can then use the URL to redeem the balance against their JPS account. Yes, it's that easy. We know helping your loved ones in Jamaica means a lot to you. We've tailored our experience for this. With Ding, you can pay their electricity bills within a couple of minutes.

Save Money

That's right. We've all been there- sending remittances home to Jamaica and hit with a big fee. Well, our gift cards are the cheaper alternative. Forget high transaction fees. Save money as you send your first JPS Electricity gift card and make them smile at the same time.

How to Instantly Send a JPS Gift Card to Jamaica

1. Click on the provided JPS Gift Card URL that you receive after you have placed your order 2. Select "Pay Your Bill" 3. Enter the JPS account number & payment amount 4. Enter the account contact details

Other Ways To Support Loved Ones in Jamaica with Ding

Mobile Top-Up: Keep your loved ones connected by sending them a top-up while you are abroad so they can continue to call, message, stream and share. Ding is the fastest way to send top-up worldwide so you can easily help family and friends in Jamaica stay in touch no matter where you are in the world. Click the button below to send a Flow or Digicel top-up to Jamaica today.

National Water Commission Gift Card: Keep the water flowing back home with National Water Commission gift cards. Directly help loved ones in Jamaica pay their water bills today by clicking the button below.

Restaurant Gift Cards: Here at Ding, we offer a delicious range of gift cards for some of Jamaica’s top restaurants including Mothers, Island Grill, Kingston Jerk and more. You can also send them a 7Krave food delivery gift card instantly with Ding. Click below to send a restaurant gift card to Jamaica today to treat friends or family to their favourite foods and takeaways.

Supermarket Gift Cards: Help loved ones in Jamaica pay for fresh food, groceries and more essentials by sending them a gift card with Ding. We offer gift cards for supermarkets such as Fontana Pharmacy, Boot, Grab & Go Convenience Store and more. Click below to send a supermarket gift card to Jamaica today.

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Help Loved Ones in Jamaica Pay Electricity Bills with Ding